UNIVERSAL SIMPLICITY: A Revolution in Scientific Reference

(Negative infinite reference revolution)
Scientific Impetus for The Crystal Photon Reactor

A glimpse ahead ...

My dream is to leave dreams for those ahead for that which I cannot complete, due to disregard and denial from the arrogant and or ignorant that portends to know. I establish here, though outrage greets me, a reference system that accurately defines any and all points physically location wise. Defining time, space, and energy simultaneously, these simple fundamentals are the precursor to applications that will reach out to touch the stars and drive technologies yet to be. I humbly request the attention of all.

Mankind has, throughout the ages, tried to discover that which is external to him. People naturally want to know about elsewhere. Curiosity has always extended us beyond ourselves as we reach out for the clarity of truth, be it external as well as internal. Pythagoras is attributed to be the first to say that all things are numbers. And so, we investigate points surrounding what we supposedly know or call reference; atomic structure, our bodies, homes, cities, states, countries, planets, galaxies, etc. YOUTUBE has enlightening micro to macro simulations. How can one not feel lonely and fall humbled for the enormity of it all - especially in view of our mortal lives, but glimpses gone by. We are creatures of spirit isolated in the brief bondage of flesh debating who and why we are. Our experience is greater than what can ever be observed as life emanates from within. Synaptical photon firings, thoughts fill our essence. Intellectually, current multiverse perplexity plagues fundamental physical science, and so divergent thinking is a necessity to initiate real progress. Life seeks for more as living is a natural process of ascending, to reach out coming together, combined with the opposite unnatural descent of isolation to disintegration. For us to ascend, we must embrace a common definition crossing the micro and macro universe for true achievement. Paradigm shifts always expose that next plateau establishing new foundations. Welcome to Bertonian Mechanics.

The ambiguity of Time, Space, Location; the destination of this science defines the quantum foundation at all real positions, an equivalence unparalleled by any other description, a simple centering at every existent moment. By this light of truth, applications may spring forth if we embrace this conceptual unity over current schisms of fruitless quagmires declaring supremacy. I beg your sympathetic ear. As a whole, will our soul dreaming efforts lead us to that wish of unity, in peace and understanding, or to the darkness of despair in arrogance’s brilliant confusion yielding less than more? Is our greater position as an intellectual society to argue over petty speculations producing little results under great obscure efforts, or will it come to seizing the synthesis of truth in the face of actual Light in Space? Cultures rise and fall based on how truth is held and pursued. Feeble fears have spawned countless angry liars across time denying simple plain truth; pompous cowards. As social bickering challenges the vitality of our united honor and focus, has integrity just become a shadow behind failing principles within reckless lawless divisions? So grievous for all. Revision and revival, or decay and oblivion lay before us. As individuals, what we are is the heart of what we seek. Here or there, I believe we become what our desires lead us to; either nobler, building toward that which is better for the added glory of it, or disparagingly submitting to an isolated self-inflicted chasm of trustless anxiety in a narcissistic suicidal assassinistic state. Gulping, kicked in the stomach or radiating warmth; spirit enthralled or bones deteriorating, our inward success depends upon our outward beliefs and our passion to pursue them. Double-mindedness is for the hypocrites unsure of the spirit they possess lashing about. Answers concern Relationship(s); God or not, alone or together, sad or happy, spitefully bitter or lovingly kind, humble or arrogant, to love or to lust, etc. or etc., etc.; in a world where worth is calculated more so in the details - have we lost true value? Our desires ordained in abundance have left us empty. Our pettiness and immorality has left our greater purpose as a people, a nation, unclear. Is our fortitude as a people to pursue plain truth or devise dividing feeble fables? Everyone wants their rights, and as a proud people, I believe we have lost sight of the stars that created us. Many fail to simply look up busily pointing fingers as shallow surface dwellers raging down the road. Appreciation is lost in the tedium of hearts. Respect and love of truth protects all that find it. Truth can however be elusive, shy of realities frank wisdom, where fear tends to isolate souls. Fear is the nail that buries the weak. Truth possesses no fear. I thank you for your ear. It is space that tests time beyond measure. Specifically, local separate time is a creation of perceived isolated space, but absolute space is timeless where the universe is equivalent to itself. It has always been fundamental truth that generates power across the ages emancipating souls.

As I have attempted to convince any supportive body, well over four decades of denial and rejection lay behind my exhaustion to validate these simple views of mine. I gasp to express the truth of LIGHT NOW, and will exuberantly remain patient until my last breath, in the face of all opposition. I earnestly hope and believe that my insights will clear current obstacles hindering our vision to truly develop into a higher collective brilliance. Many jest my soul asking if I have produced anything, and this justly hurts in view of my great obvious efforts over decades of original thought. Criticized, dismissed, and snubbed; is it reasonable to expect I alone would be able to produce such a grand endeavor as this with so far, more often, petty jealousies and or loathing disdain as my immediate cousins? I witness rolling contemptuous eyes and or charging rebukes. Understanding more often we are not. Perhaps it is merely the true nature of humanities contempt, that we have for one another, that drives cultures to destruction. Sadly, many noble efforts have passed without fruition for lack of interest and or acknowledgement reduced to the unremarkable. Our candles flicker in a snuff. As all our breath passes, dreams often become fallen feathers filled with flightless sorrows; cyclones of inspirational anguish, binding losses. All surrender to unforgiving time’s reckoning limited by the mundane life sends. Frankly, one cannot find finality in such a brief life as ours. Whereas I increasingly rise in spiritual attentions, still, I continually hope, waiting to secure genuinely honest, gainful and passionate professional associations, over criticizing reprimands and condescending disregard in the face of my humble shortcomings. Beyond any of my meager efforts, will a consensus arise for joining together in the excellence of truth liberating real wisdom?

In life passion drives our search for clarity, or, do we wretchedly reduce to the helpless where apathy relinquishes higher contemplations in a multitude of desperate human conditions? How we have fallen. Mediocrity has never inspired greatness and weariness can stifle inspiration. Common desire universally cuts to the breath that renders life. So much in each one of us is left unsaid to the agonies of human existence and the everyday realities of life. Intrinsically though, our dreams of passion do touch those that come along with us, as well as those after, no matter the extent of time. Unfortunately for us all, we clearly struggle to find a greater united vision where the honor of trust and loyalty stand in truth, which is now quite elusive as a human garbage disposal machine eats away at civilization mired in self-seeking opinions, and yes, lies. Leaders rule as desperate rats lacking soul lifting leadership qualities. Where lays our conviction of purpose? Self or society? Have we just become a somewhat dreamless desperate nation? Dreams inspire life whereas apathy and deception destroys the hope of all.

It is an individual choice to ignite the passion of honest excellence, keeping over slothfulness; determined will power over disheartened weakness and or deceptiveness. Perhaps as a whole, we will not be able to free ourselves from the overwhelming “Cosmic Penal Colony” countless generations have endured, but as individuals, we must make our stand for conscience sake. Regardless of attitudes, there remains right and wrong. And now, at fast approaching 60, I most likely have missed any main-stream vehicle to advance my concepts and or designs, unless some miraculous and utterly astonishing surprise rewards my efforts to continue. I am not holding my breath that such an unconventional soul as I would find welcoming in such a rigid world of faithless disdain. Ridicule and lies resides over respect. Though my interest to aggressively pursue this so far fruitless sole endeavor diminishes, my work will never cease no matter the pace or pursuit. One cannot extinguish the light of eternal truth just as a torch reveals all that is apparent. A quintessential touch of essence itself. As I grasp to survive the hardships my short life has left, this irrefutable reference revolution may well enough be left for others to ponder upon in it’s enormity, and scope of certainty. Focus is what brings champions together. Succumbing, I eternally embrace our One Living God; He is my greatest unending confidence and mortal humbler, and I am in great awe filled with thankfulness for His promise and gifts of wisdom along with providential clarity. We need God to define science and not science to define God. Only a humble soul can know truth beyond knowledge. The well of peace dwells in the tower of thankfulness. Clearing the way, I know the love for life came before light as we can perceive it.

My exposé work, or this modest dissertation, is intended to introduce the most fundamental and absolute laws that govern our universe, so as to facilitate more advanced and beneficial light amplification technologies, such as the Crystal Photon Reactor (CPR). It is certainly radical in its thought, requiring more than I can imagine. And yet, it constantly and easily excites me, filling my heart with purpose to expose these truths, no matter how basic. Whether or not these innovative technologies are ever realized, these fundamental truths will forever remain as the universe can only be true to itself. The greatest human accomplishments have always started with the word impossible. Fearless in the face of skeptics, I applaud any and all that would join in this glorious challenge. While the CPR is now just my conception of a theoretical perpetual energy collecting and emitting device, hopes for a grand collaborative effort to pursue prototype implementation and testing should be seriously and immediately considered by those able. I believe the winds of the universe can be used to our advantage if we choose to believe and implement these fundamental truths. The banks of space in time remain open for collection. As firm as an anchor, reality offers up herself. The elaborative details for this technical pursuit are not wholly included herein, nor could they be, as specialist teams have yet to be realized. I as of yet wait to yield up the whole of my work.

Worth is a matter of pursuit. Purely, this endeavor is a quest and a daring colossal project wavering on the magnitude of a Manhattan Project, with all-encompassing real civilization altering outcomes; the electric batteriless society, inertia driven devices, space engines, quantum computers. Those fortunate enough to team together developing and discovering this unified field of knowledge will give us more than dreams. Inspiring purpose gives, for those selected, a glimpse of worth and a passion for life. Trust has many flavors as treasure is to garbage, and human value is defined in the mingling millions upon millions of words perpetuated in various Babylonian languages. Wisdom calls for a balance in defending decency over evil’s pursuits. Our times are anything but simple derived from all the unknown complexities that have delivered us to this moment in history. Pursuits in life cannot be numbered.

Will we choose tools over weapons? Satellite laser blasters can already be built (if not already) without this science. We must ask if our social structure is still strong enough to reclaim truth and achieve true greatness for our children, before they are beaten into unrecoverable submission, buried under murderous lies in pools of hopelessness, and possible cratered landscapes. The vision of our founding Father’s was to trust the people, and a call for excellence of character. How have we done? We must always remember that this is the nursery of our children’s civilization. No secret, all great civilizations maintain strong committed families where divorce is the oddity. As we crumble upon destroyed nuclear families, truthfully, it is families of loving citizens that drive advancement; subjugation shirks duty of purpose and divides engagement. All too often we divide for lack of caring love humbly standing with honor in truth. The shadows of enormous fears are cast. Superior liars swirl upon the winds where hate and jealousies have always driven humanity to the brink, destroying any and all camaraderie. Earth’s problems really stem from those charlatans that connivingly hate among us. The question that divulges civilization's direction is, content souls in service, or prisoners of slavery perpetuating the downward cycle? Madness has become the fad, theater killings, fast food, malls, schools, sanctuary lost, … all incubate upon the strength or weakness our leaders (parents) exhibit, and our times declare how truly shallow and decadent we have become. Is our bond to be sons of light or mere hirelings of dust? Desperate men pleasers or something more noble? Who can say if enough free righteous citizens remain over that of the blindness of accepting cowering evil? Cruelly, liars consume all honest efforts. What will our future reduce to? I hope for more than less. I beg your mercy as I pray for genuine resurgence and present myself for all.

We attempt to explain that which we can perceive and many capable individuals leave the rest of us behind, but, unarguably, we must accept our unperceivable universe, which can never be seen NOW, for humanity to rise to the greatness that is the truth. The nature of unobservable absolute truth is found in its’ resulting distinctiveness of reliability. Our universe remains. The scientific model will never be able to prove why this is so. The simple glimmer of the suns horizon reveals pressure's power extending past view. Without acknowledging absolute truth, we will be unable to appreciate and utilize the benefits of what we actually are. The reality of our entire universe can only be grasped by the extension of our imaginations eye to recreate the vision of what it might actually be with the known available clues. It is Vision that inspires life past the mere ordinary.

Faith, philosophy, science, all truth can find no peace if not united. If one takes away from another, division plagues the brilliance of the whole. Not being able to prove the edge of the universe should not stop us from developing those concepts that would best achieve real application over thoughts focused on merely limited observations or fanciful science fiction flights. Again, how we unite or not will declare our children’s future. In this offering, a magnificent challenge faces humanity. We all have to know that this undertaking is grander than any one individual, mere corporation, or any portentous academia; or for that matter, any existing civilization. Please do not misunderstand, this dream is bankrupt without an established collaborative effort of dedicated souls producing results beyond cost. Beyond us all, in the boldness of truth, it simply involves the one universal foundational standard model in and of Light in Space. We critically cannot afford to ignore the truth where real power exists.

Searching for unity, the clamor is to rise from the fire age to the age of electric light; here NOW beholding a new revolutionary science that will purely enlighten the minds of all. My humble gift to humanity is sincerely sharing these insights that I believe in, so that the higher truth of light may be exposed. Let generosity in truth be our legacy, no matter our affliction consummating distinction. Truth resides where eagles dare to fly. One step in knowing the eternal staircase begins NOW, in the delivery of these ideas. Contempt or applause, I remain the mortal heart that I am.

In physics, mental conceptions are created to withstand the inspection of reality. These ideals under investigation are isolated and introduced in the fabrication of the so called “black box.” Only that which is under consideration is allowed in pure analysis. So let us examine the introduction of absolute light, in or out of darkness. We perceive the first point, which has these definite characteristics under by which we exist. These limits do not exclude a higher excellence.


















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        Center Location and the Nature of Scientific Reference
                   Historical Review: Search for Intelligence, Clarity of Thought
                         ◾  - Flat to Geocentric to Heliocentric to GalaXcentric, NOW Indefinite?
                                   ◾  Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: Unapproachable Certainty
                         ◾  All Points Center
                   More than Half the Universe is Missing as we Conduct Science
                         ◾  Reference Calculates Reality; Space is Singular ~ Reality's Touch
                                   ◾  Demystifying the Energy of Dark Matter: Push Pull Enigma
                                             ◾  (DIPS) Depressions Interrelational Positional Space
                                                       ◾  Amplification - Linear to Angular Extremes

        Number Theory
                   Fundamental Absolute Calculus Domain Equation: [- ∞ TO + ∞]
                   Googolfinity Defined: Instant Deflation/Inflation
                   Googolfold Compounding Theory ( 1/1=0, 1/0=1 )
                         ◾  Shells of Set Theory: Folds in the Prism’s Lens

        Topological Extent of Reality
                   Negative Infinity
                   Positive Infinity
                   Imaginary Zero ; Circles reveal an unending bottom π

                         ◾  One does not pass through zero as in climbing the ladder of the universe
                                   ◾  Zero divides reality - Magnitudes
                   Yelm to Finite Light Cones Base
                         ◾  Jump to Infinite Light Cone Base

        Light’s Point Separation Theory
                   Universal Base Equations
                         ◾  Quantum Physics: |Time| = |Space|
                                   ◾  Derivations
                         ◾  Quantum Mathematics: 0 = | ± ∞ |
                                   ◾  T-Shirt Topology



        Gravitational-Electromagnetic (GEM) Defined: One Wavicle
                   Total Absolute Light: Fingerprints of LightMatter
                         ◾  Frozen Light Matter: Particles
                                   ◾  Strong Parabolic Characteristics
                         ◾  Burning Light Matter: Photons
                                   ◾  Weak Hyperbolic Characteristics
                   All That Has Been Is
                         ◾  Paradox of Parallel Images



        Clarification of the Limits / Barriers of Light
                   Einstein Lock / Hawking Dysfunction
                         ◾  Minimum Speed c; Red Shift reveals speed of time at all points
                         ◾  Maximum Separation Velocity
                   Outside Light
                         ◾  Blackyon/Tachyon
                                   ◾  Mathematics of Below and Above

        Historical Analysis of Time
                   True Universal Nature of Time: Larger than Perception
                         ◾  Invaloom; Space Collapses at -2c "Down"
                                   ◾  Outvaloom; Space Expands at +2c "Up"
                         ◾  Quantum Physics of Absolute Time and "Inert" Space
                                   ◾  Imaginary Time (IT) and its' potential uses
                                             ◾  Instant Parallel Computing

        Dimension Theory Adjustment
                   Classical Dimension Theory (1,2,3 - 4 - 5,6 - 11...?)
                         ◾  Contemporary Fallacies of String Theory
                   Crystal Clear Dimension Theory: In/Out
                         ◾  Application over Conception
                                   ◾  Multi-Dimensional Matrix Theory

        The 5 Laws of Thermodynamics
                   Approaching Thermal Equilibrium → 0
                   Real Energy and Matter are Equivalently Conserved (|-∞| = |+∞|)
                   Universe is cooling off; Entropy increases (± ∞ → 0) Cold falls and Heat rises
                         ◾  ~ All Points Expand
                   Atomic agitation halts at 0 degrees Kelvin; Lowest temperature at -273.16 C
                   Energy and Matter is not focusable at Black-Hole Cores (0 → ± ∞) Heat falls and Cold rises
                         ◾  ~ All Points Contract

        Universal Infinite Pressure
                   Energy Defined = Relative Pressure
                   Creation/Conversion of Matter Defined (Parabolic ↔ Hyperbolic)

        Quantum Mechanics Relativistic Bond
                   Refutation of Wormhole Theory
                         ◾  Timespace is Not a Fabric that Can be Ripped
                                   ◾  Characteristics of Slipping Under or Above

        Black Hole Core Analysis
                   Quantum Foundation - Gravitational Balance
                         ◾  -∞ To +∞ Extremes
                                   ◾  Zoveka Moment: Whole Set
                                   ◾  Zovekian Threshold: Set Barriers


                                   ◾  Zovekan Focus: Set Bottom - All Singularities are Equivalent
                                             ◾  Zovekian Axis: Paradox of Set Sets - Push-Pull Connection; Lines
                   All Stars to Galaxies to Quasars to Matter's Light Origin Hover Upon Black Hole Cores
                         ◾  The Advantage of Accessing a Black Holes Touch

        Electricity in Nature
                   Infinite Voltage
                         ◾  Our Spigot to Endless Power

        Philosophical Requirements for the Crystal Reactor Core
                   Center Containment
                         ◾  Polarities magnitude
                                   ◾  Imaging + or - Infinity: Hot or Cold

  Gravitational Weight in Zones (GWIZ) Experiment
  Crystal Backfire Experiment
  ◎   Umbra orbital platforms
The above listed Pictures are just a few that I’ve constructed.

Science without faith lacks understanding.

The core of consciousness holds isolation.
Too often, to our shame, genius is diagnosed as a disease.
The call bears out while no one responds to this challenge.

Without imagination, science embraces blind conceit.
There is no science without imagination.
Imagination unfolds creation.
~ Ron Bert

will be
the result
of this nation
or any people who
utilize the ideas herein.
The God Given Civilization that
accomplishes these feats will control
both world and expanding solar economies.
The question remains, are we bold enough, courageous enough, and humble enough,
to join together
the tasks seeded here within these universal and revolutionary concepts?
It is not a question of can it be done, it is of when it will be done.
The Time will Always be NOW.

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God Bless America
Flow Chart in Pursuit of Developing the Crystal Photon Reactor

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