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People generally do not care for the word of God for its accountable and condemning nature. Claims of stifling a spirits freedom are made. In the battle of obedience over sin’s indulgence, sin is an easier slide we choose in our weakness of flesh lashing out. Generally, no one really cares for the suffering anchors wrapped around us all, no matter one’s disposition or affiliations. Time’s lock is upon us. Both faithful and hopeless spirits fall forward; fools and wise alike. Lazy fearful hearts swim in the chaos of confusions masterpiece, a sort of helpless disgust held by those with growing awareness. Roughly put, despair is an ordeal for all, defining character. Fear defines essential understanding and cultivates submissive obedience inspiring bravery or oppositely, desperate failings arise enveloped in arrogant cowardice. Who can hold the true essence of reality’s light? A match demands respect. What or where is the corner of all truth, evil and good, our own or that of God? As sorrow comforts angry ignorant hearts and jealousy is a blind man’s agony, is it our will to achieve common ground? Madness reels the corridors of man. On and on, knowledge with questions is a river of experience within choices made, which incidentally does not declare intelligence. Omnipotent reflection holds no bigotry. Intelligence is a responsive distinguishing when confronted upon reality. Appropriate action over recklessness has never come easy in such a rash world as ours. Restraints bind the looseness found in us all. Pursuing the understanding of truth exposes one’s heart to wisdom, and when possessed, a peace settles beyond reason, - above all sorrow no lie or dart can pierce away; larger than life, an illuminating of the eternal spirit of a soul, a presence beyond the present. It is Love that has ordered creation.

It takes courage to climb through the pains of disappointment everyone possesses. We thirst to grasp a sense of clarity all have hoped for. It is found in a reaching out for self improvement releasing past mistakes; purging is a quality of mortal repentance, each day. Strength is a form of established calm confidence within controlled knowledge of self; security. Weakness concerns lack of discerning focus, a loss of center, insecurities and wild outbursts. Our staircases go both up and down, one rising for glory, one descending to despicable. Only an upward draw to that of a greater source than one’s self has redeeming worth and orders goodness. The sheer magnitude of that He places the beginning upon the end exquisitely expresses the true nature of time and reveals His love for creation’s liberty at all moments. To see God is to acknowledge His greatness. Faith is by design an individual calling not of this world, an offering to return to His nurturing bosom. Difficulty has never left us; it is in this avalanche we globally endure through the countless self proclaiming arrogant, a devouring reoccurrence all generations and civilizations collapse to in the divided lands of man. We are held in bondage by loveless murderous suicidal Godless creations invading tranquility lost. Odious perversions and the open tolerance of lawlessness cascading over humble hearts defiling children; this is the crossroad we reduce to. Delusions and fantasies over reality have obscured those of all ages. It is the depth of shared truth which unites souls over the consuming voids of oblivion. Freedom and peace sought after is conditional, for if we lack the knowledge of the truth, the carefree will have no home. Common knowledge is social wisdom and which changes across the eons of time defining the fateful rising and falling of societies. The pulse by which we live is in Darkness, of and in the Light, a burden we are all blessed and cursed with. In such a heavy speechless unapproachable world, we all search for a deep lightness of heart by which only the grace of God can deliver us. It will be individuals’ efforts to unite in His truth that will save our families and nation. The Bible is a lesson plan for salvation, but more importantly, it is a recovery of the self book. It is meant for man to understand God. I only hope and wish that my assemblages and or constructions will assist all those that visit any and all of my web pages.

~ Ron Bert – January 2013

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