Darkness oh darkness, how art thou able to see?
Darkness has no vision
Darkness has no visible path
Darkness has nothing visible to take from
Darkness has a passing of all that has disappeared
Darkness cannot find a walking path
Darkness draws the line to nowhere
Darkness has nowhere to lead to
Darkness has the dazzle of dazed nowhere
Darkness maintains a condition of blindness
Darkness' cover is the gloominess of blindness
Darkness carries nothing to see
Darkness is lost for any clarity
Darkness is lost to all that is
Darkness is when nothing is clear
Darkness has nothing to fade upon
Darkness is immersed in an ocean that cannot see
Darkness has nothing certain to care for in sightlessness
Darkness has only the clarity of nothing
Darkness at its brightest is nothing
Darkness renders nothing to offer
Darkness is left in itsí own oblivion
Darkness holds one word: Empty
Darkness has no word for true
Darkness has one truth called absence
Darkness holds no truth other than the absence of light
Darkness denies the truth of light
Darkness denies there is anything to be missed
Darkness lurks in the absence of light
Darkness is in the absence of His light
Darkness has the absence of all smell
Darkness seals the trap removing all light
Darkness searches for what it cannot find
Darkness cannot forget what it is not
Darkness can only dream of what it is not
Darkness offers all that cannot be found
Darkness cannot see the tears it sheds
Darkness can only reveal what it does not have
Darkness consumes all those who refuse to see
Darkness has no face to see
Darkness can only suffer to see
Darkness suffers with no place to hide
Darkness can be seen in the heart of evil
There is no heart in darkness
Darkness haunts an empty heart
Darkness has nothing to explain absent of wisdom
Darkness blinds oneís vision to see what is cold
Darkness is somewhere below cold
Darkness has no flavor but ice
Darkness is devoid of heat
Darkness devours all above from below
Darkness, somewhere below empty, has less than nothing
Darkness is in command of all that is empty
Darkness' deepest part is nothing
Darkness can only hide nothing
Darkness maintains a silence of nothing
Darkness swells in the heart of nothing
Darkness brings light to nothing
Darkness abandons the light
Darkness opens to a road of nothing
Darkness leads where nothing follows
In darkness there is the misery of nothing
Darkness suffers with the bottom of nothing
Darkness defines the bottom of nothing
Darkness has nothing to offer
Darkness extends where nothing grows
Darkness has nothing to grow into
Darkness has nothing to steal
Darkness steals leaving only hurt
In darkness there is nothing grateful
Darkness leaves nothing to turn on
Darkness has nothing that comes after
Darkness cannot see itself where nothing is seen
Darkness has no corner
Darkness remains the same with no corner to turn
Darkness cannot hide where no corners can be found
Darkness turns from the light
Darkness resides where all has been stripped bare
Darkness shoots into the emptiness of nothing
Darkness has nothing to come together with
Darkness has nothing to hook on to
Darkness can only understand nothing
Darkness has nothing to hope for
Darkness has no hope
Darkness crushes hope
Darkness pulls all hope away
Darkness has nothing to watch
Darkness has nothing to compare itself to
Darkness has nothing to miss, even but for a tear
Darkness has nothing underneath
Darkness advances under the horror of gloom
Darkness surrenders to gloom
Darkness has nothing new
Darkness has no shelter
Darkness has no sanctuary
Darkness has no cover
Darkness can cover no wounds
Darkness uncovers her colorless veil
Darkness has no glow
Darkness has no luster
Darkness has no shine
Darkness shines no color
Darkness comes without the pale of shine
Darkness has no reflection
Darkness has not a glimmer
Darkness has no care for light
Darkness has no regard for light
Darkness separates from the light
Darkness is where black has no color
Darkness below black has no sense
Darkness searches for colors it cannot find
Darkness has a colorless extent
Darkness has no hint of color
Darkness has no shadow
Darkness has no spark
Darkness has no praise
Darkness has no promise
Darkness has no promise of light
Darkness has no liberation
Darkness has no reviving power
Darkness has no belonging
Darkness has no definite focus
Darkness has nowhere to believe
Darkness has no contemplation
Darkness has no expression of grace
Darkness yields up no notice
Darkness has no stop signs; there is nowhere to go
Darkness has no place to go
Darkness has no place where something is
Darkness has no anchor
Darkness has no root
Darkness has no core
Darkness has no intersection
Darkness has no notice
Darkness has no one to lead
Darkness has no place to endure
Darkness has an eerie destination of nowhere
Darkness has nowhere to pierce
Darkness holds flightless arrows
Darkness has no senses
In darkness there is no sense
Darkness has no understanding
Darkness has no understanding of light
Darkness has no trace of what is right
Darkness has no destiny
Darkness strings no goodness
Darkness has no whistle
Darkness has noiseless silence
Darkness has an insidious silence
Darkness blasts the sound of silence
Darkness has no sound of sense
Darkness has no sound to hear
Darkness howls for it has none
Darkness has no song to be heard
Darkness sings blues without love
Darkness empties into the music of nowhere
Darkness plays the music of silence
Darkness' anthem is silence
Darkness listens to trembling silence
Darkness pledges to an echoless chasm
Darkness has no harmony of motion
Silence is part of the deep hole of darkness
Darkness looms where the song is bottomless
Darkness has a sinking emptiness
Darkness sinks endlessly
Darkness sinks into what it cannot find
Darkness climbs to what will never be found
Darkness falls upon hearts when worldly cares knock
Darkness falls where there is no place
Darkness falls into the black abyss
Darkness is revealed from the bottom of the pit
Darkness drops past a pit to nowhere
Darkness endlessly falls into nowhere
Darkness brings excitement to an end
Darkness rides on the heels of nowhere
The spiral of darkness takes one nowhere
Darkness is loaded with empty shots
Darkness carves through all that is empty
Darkness conveys all that is empty
Darkness hides in the emptiness of itself
Darkness hides in the dark as darkness does
Darkness hides behind what cripples it
Darkness only leaves emptiness in itsí wake
Darkness' emptiness burns those who touch it
Darkness has no presence in His light
Darkness has a mysterious absence of all
Darkness has the wind of terror
Darkness seizes upon the heart of terror
Darkness has a heart of isolation
Darkness has loneliness without blue's hue
Darkness has an ugly gut wrenching blast
Darkness unveils all that is retched
Darkness has a chilling absence of meaningful time
Darkness retreats into the vacuum of time
In darkness, time holds no truth
Darkness excludes all that is real
Darkness extinguishes all that is noble
Darkness pounces to stomp out the light
Darkness pervades earth in unyielding perversions of man
Darkness consumes souls with desires of greed
Darkness of heart swells with hate despising all
Darkness finds all that is lost in hurt
Darkness hides in a heart of pain
Anguish evaporates into the darkness
Darkness has no sympathy
Darkness has a breathless cast
Darkness has no breath to live
Darkness has the winds of breathless silence
Darkness fills empty hearts
Darkness misses all that is sweet
Darkness sours sweetness in life
Darkness steals the light of life
Darkness tears the pages of life away
Darkness possesses no laughter
Darkness fills the void where there is no love
Darkness coldly misses life in love
Darkness will not survive in His light
Darkness defines those spiritually blind
Darkness maintains a brazen lack of conscience
Darkness hides a bullet of death
Darkness seals the fate of the dead
Darkness screams evilís last breath
Darkness' deepest part is alone
Darknessí deepest place is found alone
Darkness comes from an endless lone zone
Darkness runs in the shadow of fear
Darkness casts a shadow on all it touches
Wickedness hides in the shadows of itsí own darkness
Fear inhibits all to see through the fog of darkness
Darkness tears where the deepest fears dwell
Darkness is the answer to all that is fear
Darkness invades where fear is real
Darkness is the terror of loss
Darkness holds no brightness
Darkness holds no light
Darkness holds no path
Darkness holds no hope
Darkness holds no promise
Darkness holds no perception
Darkness holds to nowhere
Darkness has nothing to grab hold of
Darkness holds no shadow of doubt
Darkness holds only numbness
Darkness holds not even a wisp of flame
Darkness holds the hollow of emptiness
Darkness holds the emptiness of all that cannot be found
Darkness holds out the extension of forever
Darkness holds the despair of loss
Darkness holds the shame of nothing
Darkness embraces the thrust of nothing
Darkness holds the death of light
Darkness is the death of light
Darkness rings upon the strings of death
Darkness is living on the edge of death
Darkness is where death holds all thoughtlessness
Darkness holds anger deeply wounding the soul
Darkness is the smoke of death
Darkness is a well of nowhere
Darkness is everywhere light is not
Darkness knows itself by the light it has not
Darkness is in the light of nothing
Darkness is something that cannot be found in the light
Darkness aches torn from the light
Darkness is detachment from the light
Darkness is one square shy of light
Darkness is numb to light
Darkness is a sad thought
Darkness is suction into nothingness
Darkness is out of time's reach
Darkness is when the light of God is taken away
Darkness is a choice and must be avoided if God is your calling
Darkness is the destination where evil resides
Darkness is absent from His eternal power
Darkness is absent of the torch of His courage
Darkness is contained in the bowels of hell
Darkness is the final rest for all unbelieving
Darkness is a slide well enough left alone
Darkness is desperate to find anything
Darkness is a gutless empty vomit
Darkness is the end of a fool's folly
Darkness is in all that is a lie
Darkness in a lie leaves no direction
A lie of any color is darkness
Darkness is sure of itself
Darkness is like a bad tooth rotting from the inside out
Darkness renders an empty cavity
Darkness is a place where all is wrong
Darkness is an implosion from without
Darkness is where no lines meet
Darkness has no depth of distance
Darkness cannot find anything of depth
Darkness has no measure of depth
Below explosive darkness, listless motion is unable to orient
Darkness has no top to grab upon
Darkness struts about with no direction to go
Darkness has a bottomless loss of direction
Darkness has no bottom
Darkness pounds in to an empty bottom
Darkness resides where bottomless pits dwell
Doubt leads to the pits of darkness
Darkness cannot find answers for why
Darkness needs more than it can find
Darkness can find no favor
Darkness is a lonely journey best left alone
Darkness has nothing called best
Darkness is itsí own worst place
Darkness fades as a call comes from His light
Darkness is uncovered in the brilliance of His light
Darkness is the destiny this physical universe flows into
Darkness is upon those who lack purpose in His brilliance
Darkness is overcome with shining hearts in Him
Darkness avalanches for those unable to find freedom in Him
Darkness will have no entrance through the gate of eternal light
The door to eternal rewards is where darkness has no place
Darkness is set, just beyond the nugget of light
Darkness is not hidden in the light
Darkness will lose itsí power over the humble of heart
Darkness remains for all those that do not hear
Darkness remains without the light
Darkness remains condemning all the careless
Darkness sacrifices the loss of light
Darkness cannot replace the Light
Light can replace darkness
Light splits into darkness
The end of darkness is the beginning of light
Godly light turns from the darkness most swagger in
There is no greater hardship than facing darkness
Darkness rejects ideals of goodness
The desert of darkness drowns the faithless
Lightís last moment evaporates to darkness
Light is ahead of darkness left behind
Darkness consumes the light it rejects
Darkness cannot consume the light as it departs
Darkness cannot catch the light
Darkness shuts out the light
Darkness succumbs to light
Darkness has no power over God


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