Each holds a legacy, and it involves the honesty we share

As humans we gauge others by our own reference of understanding. Either we remain narcissistically blind or open to the vast truth that all error, and by this, a spirit's mettle is tested as experience cleaves evolving wisdom. Forgiveness over resentment heals what deviates from a soulís peace. To be part of the larger solution we must bury contempt and bias if we are to join humanity for the better, rather than the tragic demise of all bitter hearted. If one may claim to be normal, it is only achieved by loveís mercy not to judge others too harshly where cynicism becomes the cancer of disharmony. I thank you for patience with my evolving works as long as it is that it is.

Proverb Minutes is my endeavor to bring Biblical wisdom to light for all to know. PowerPoint has been used as the main construction of these videos.

It takes the courage of character to wait on the Lord.
Thank you for assembling with me today.

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ProverbMinutesOpening https://youtu.be/HRaIj4dusxc
Proverb Minutes is my endeavor to bring Biblical wisdom to light for all to know. PowerPoint has been used as the main construction of these videos.

Jeremiah 23.29, Psalm 34:14, Revelation 1:3. God desires all in His creation of life to enjoy eternal existence. Not all will be allowed if found to be offensive where the glory of life in truth is discarded. All on earth are offensive, no matter who, all sinners alike, yet His desire is for us to become aware of His plan of salvation, and implement those redeeming actions to return under His hand, and offering of Grace. Faith and belief in God outweigh the condemnation of others where obsessive judgements condemn yourself.

GodTheCreator https://youtu.be/k1fXrWGKCC8
Isaiah 44:24 is reviewed. Many find it difficult to believe in God as the calamities of living are so stressful, and human judgments condemn one or another. Testing and challenging us is that Time is a temporary event, to expose the character of each autonomous soul. To find God individually, no matter who, is to find that peace that drives a heart to love more, just for the sake of loving.

Word https://youtu.be/vqjpnLsC2g4
So it is the Word in which we seek truth, no matter what language. Nothing is more valuable than the truth for itsí foundation builds on all that is noble. Truth serves a heart mercifully joining one with the divine. Our deeds are purely in the midst of our hearts as the pillar defining who we are. We need to keep our thoughts pure in care of others, as it is in fact, the pillar of our faith in the sight of God. Pray He preserves us from wicked destructive temptations. May we be found worthy in the tower of His great living truths. More than what we think, it is about what we do.

Test https://youtu.be/wbueniW19zE
2nd Corinthians 7:10. To know or to cling only to the outward world, or the vapors of time that can be seen, leaves one completely searching on near empty. He hangs the Earth on nothing. God is greater than time. Times gone by remains in a dustless past where many find themselves unreasonably stuck, with biased decaying hearts, mired in sorrows and angers. Depression and anxiety are the illnesses of our times. Pointedly, life is solely in the present, and God is unimpressed when impulseís desperation or desires ignore His truth of wisdomís light, found in His Word. God patiently waits to see what a soul asks or does not ask of Him. Essentially what sustains us is the spirit given by God. To live in a gripeless moment is a challenge for all, especially without knowing Godís own call to return to love; for us to come to that which is greater than self. Self-destruction comes from a lack of faith and knowledge in His truth.

Worries https://youtu.be/aRo9r7ZVe-M
Worries defeat peace of heart
Psalm 56:3. It is purely trust in Him that enables one to overcome whatever life throws at us. If one feeds compulsively on worry, one has not yet fully come to God accepting His love for life. Everyone at times has trouble enter into their life with varying degrees, and it would be hard to understand mortal life without struggles. The underlying questions during these trials is what one cares deepest about, and where, and what, one abides in pursuing relief. Does one go to church or a bar, etc.? Thankfully praying or arrogantly cursing? Facing reality is not the same as escaping from it. Worrywarts are escape artists and the ultimate extreme ends in suicide. Higher emancipation is finding an escape to reality where His light lifts us to the heights of heaven and beyond. Humans break promises but God will not. Peace is the opposite of worry and what He wills for each one of us. To gain the greatest of what humanity offers a soul is to believe in God.

One https://youtu.be/5tGXDM_gDPg
Ephesians 4:4-6. It is God that declares what is and what He has devised as His saving Grace, in offering each of us eternal life. Man cannot change what God has ordained, yet the religions of man are more often pitted against themselves. Does Hinduism agree with Catholicism? The divisions in Christianity is massive. Or is it Buddhism agrees with Muslim doctrine? From mild to extreme, man may tolerate manís convoluted follies, where contempt and lies among men reside. Does one follow God or man? More often manís religious elitism nature is to diverge away from Godís will, and implement more self-created humanist doctrines. Does God change? No, man more often caters to the crowd of the largest pocket book collection. Madness can be found where obsessiveness ends in looking to the greatest edifices of man, and not Godís spiritual truths. Manís lust for power and domination, along with a myriad of other such infections as envy, greed, and anger feed in to many who claim to be holy. Following man in his isolated pious deceptions does not create the portal to return to the true God. Opinionated ditch diggers of man will never find the mountain of God. Many rely on men to find spiritual solace, but this misses Godís call to come to Him directly from oneís deepest heart. The bottom line of anyoneís true spiritual identity is how God is found. From the real inside, or the outside fading faÁade?

Faith https://youtu.be/_b9OJsiEIJw
Faith is belief in yet what is unknown
Hebrews 11:6. Is God with you or is He someone you call for? It is a question of being settled or not. Many times we search for something already here. To know Him is to know He waits closer than we can know; from the core of each of our cells. As He counts hairs, in His image God gave us the power of autonomy, in a dying universe. In mortal life we all must face the dichotomy of being lonely verses being alone. To be lonely is to deny others are present in an isolated chasm of self-inflicted torture. The bottom of a heart is either found or lost. We are all alone among one another; it is a blessing, not a curse, and we need to come to know He is here with us embracing our freedom to know and to choose. Time is a temporary condition and is the incubator of us all to find gain, and not loss. The permanence of our destination with Him depends on our choices, while alone in isolation, to remain steadfast in His distant most closest call; to believe. To know He is waiting is of the strongest of beliefs.

Clarity https://youtu.be/rp4LscuouWs
2nd Timothy 3:7, Psalm 108:4, Psalm 145:3, Numbers 23:19, Psalm 119:89, Psalm 33:4. Our clarity of thought has been limited to that which is known. Knowledge for us is an accumulation of experiences across the ages of man. All thought falls short of what is or can be known. To be open for truth, one has to see the insignificance of self in view of the unimaginable greatness of all that is.

Godís absolute truth goes beyond what we can know. Even a lie is still part of the truth as it is an occurrence. Knowledge can never replace the value of understanding. Unambiguously, there is good and bad. It is not the desire of God to have His creation deceive itself. Since we cannot know absolute truth, God has endowed us with the revelation of His truths, allowing us to see by the faith found in, and throughout, His Word. God has given us His truth to refute otherwise uncertain conjectures of man, where man seeks to dominate man. It is Godís goodness, in mercy, that stretches down from heaven to retrieve all who would hear the call of His Grace. His call is not so much found in a book, it comes by an honest heart to hear. Inherently built into nature is truthís remembrance, while falsehoods inevitably evaporate. Godís creation easily embeds eternal truths not to be superseded by temporary lies. Hear Him is the command.

God desires that salvation from mankindís tyranny may be grasped, by all that would seize it. It is reaching out beyond the moment to something holier than all that one could ever imagine to be, or become. A surrender to trust above self. Paradoxically, larger than mortal life is in the moment of Godís unimaginable creation, partly visible as the cosmos stretch out. Faith in Him is not something quantifiable, it is where a heart touches, and surrenders to, the infinite and more. Scholars may claim power over faith, but learning upon learning has no value without humble understanding. Finite rebellion has no place in praising His greater than infinite creation. God is in control, not that we are. What is more important, mere knowledge or absolute truth? Eternal life or permanent death? Clarity or deception? Mere knowledge without essential understanding is void of the wisdom He calls out for in knowing His transcendental truths. He wants us to build together in all honesty, through the gift of consciousness, where awareness becomes, to know that we are His created children. In this respect for His Majesty, life together can be found.

I apologize for any slight errors in accurately reciting scripture verbatim.

TheLord https://youtu.be/oCPyGPRNz0o
Isaiah 40:13-14, Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 9:10, Job 28:28. It is the Lord that has purposely devised all to achieve the best eternal outcome, so that only the noble who are established in goodness and justice will survive forevermore, in His Kingdom of life. His will is not to dominate but to emancipate. We are mostly ignorant to the greater good that He oversees in our favor as His longsuffering is salvation from domination. Greater than all the ages of earth, He simply asks we come to Him, to know Him, and to love Him as a tender patient Father. We need Him but He does not need us. Do we want the creation over the creator? Do we know better than Him? Arrogance either denies Him or claims isolated superiority. His instructions lead the humble from the pits of hateful death where evilís hellish actions destroy all life. Let us not misunderstand where claims are made He has abandoned us, but truthfully He earnestly does want us, as a Father wants his children. Many have abandoned Him. He takes pleasure in the gift of independence He has given, for each of us to find life on our own, as so He does. We are in fact part of His image of underlying infinite value, cherishing the most precious of all, lifeís experiences. His word frees a soul to see heavenís truth.

I apologize for any slight errors in accurately reciting scripture verbatim.

Destroyed https://youtu.be/ttw2jWRwfiE
Hosea 4:6. People and civilizations are destroyed for the lack of honest compassion for one another in candid truth. The disregard and monsterization of peoples, in contemptuous cynical delusions, divides all sensibility to understand peace and love. For the furtherment of truth, without fundamental familiar knowledge of Godís will, peace, and love, are soon forgotten. Forgetting is the excuse of fools, even if unbeknownst, who decide not to feel, mired in the recklessness of all kinds of selfish lawlessness. If the keys to the truth and decency are abandoned, only the lies that deceive will remain, and fear will dominate. Where love is shallow, peace is soon lost to turmoil. It is callous to condemn others without the proper knowledge of how to live.

Treasure https://youtu.be/WpK6817tFGA
Proverbs 2:1-5. Godís treasures lay richly in the souls that embrace His word. The beginning of receiving the treasure of truth takes place when one is excited about acquiring it; in this instance, a thirst to know God better in what He has presented for His creation of mortal life to intimately hold. It exposes our deficiencies, and heights to achieve more. One does not tumble under crushing condemnation when seeing the truths of our errors, but love in forgiveness rising to an understanding thankfulness, where living no longer aches as much. God is the salve required for healing all wounded hearts. Wisdom can cut like a razor before finding itsí sheath. Without His instructional knowledge, no true enduring spiritual accomplishments are possible. To live timeless has no equal.

Deeds https://youtu.be/lrNpQOOAm7Q
Romans 2:6-8. Generous spirits endure the test of time while self-seeking deceivers are quickly forgotten. The genuine is kept, while the insincere is eventually discarded. No matter who, each of us will be exposed naked to all that we have done. Exercising self-determination to improve, away from the despicable, where thorns turn to flowers, is where a heart turns truly special. True appreciation of the self can only be had when deeply considering others empathically; an enlarging of the soul, loving outside of self, reaps exceptional satisfaction. All experienced have at times fallen short of who we would like to choose to be; nobler, higher in character, softer in our responses. For those who continue to develop patience, seeking honor in Godís glorious promise of immortality, will receive the reward. Hearts that reject His simple truths, choosing otherwise those things corruptible, will witness that hand they themselves have dealt upon perpetrating others in life. Those who bless others find blessings, while those who curse will inherit the same. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of living God, and terrible if unprepared.

Seed https://youtu.be/brSLRIo7wAE
Matthew 12:35, Genesis 1:11. The innermost seed of a heart uncovers oneís true character. One cannot hide, even in denial, from self or God. Honesty with self is part of godliness, and true prayer. God calls for seeds to bring forth rather than continuing as inertly hidden; to become alive. Let your light shine in creation is His message for life. There are many various seeds, but in each is identity to remain whole in itself. As colors remain sure, good seed is not the same as bad seed, and blessed are those that know the difference. Goodness carries the burden of knowing bad, where bad often disregards any good thoughts. Without true knowledge, the fruits of wisdom have no blossom. One must choose carefully in order to keep weeds at a distance in cultivating knowledge and experiences. We are gardeners of our own lives. Situations can often be ugly, and spouting from bad soil can be the challenge of most rising hearts. The river can be narrow where it pours free. Hate never has problems with slinging mud in all directions. It is a choice to bear a good heart, and determined willpower to improve, where growth is called for. This is the message for all peoples no matter who. Let us come forth as children worthy of the love God has given by pursuing those things of heart He calls for.

Error https://youtu.be/tPhOxeYvT6s
1st John 4:6. We reach for something yet unseen promised by God. It inspires us to be better than we are in compassion for others. As God proclaims, the spirit of truth is in Him, and to reject His reality is to adopt the spirit of error. Many claim to believe in God, but donít care to talk about Him, either for fear or ignorance, or in todayís political correctness, He has become taboo, with the other extreme as fanatical zealots. Is God an opinion or a fact, and if opinions differ, does that change God? It does not, and His truth remains over the petty arguments of man in his ineffectiveness and convolution of mortal laws. A society that does not talk about God is abandoned by God. Honest hearts are transparent in His light and behold the epitome of truth itself.

Children https://youtu.be/2TQRlbu51g0
1st John 3:2-3. At His coming, those faithful will ignite upon His waves of light. Those concealed in doubt or denial will not unfold before Him. By His power of love, we are lifted into life. Hope is a wonderful thing, and it helps us on our path to union with eternal life in Him.

Hope https://youtu.be/BJ69EuvJsW4
Romans 5:3-4. As infants we all enter this world. It is through struggles and afflictions that we learn, and if fortunate, to become wise. By our endurance in hope is where we become strong for the glory of God. Hope is a holy concept hard won in a world of tribulation. Hope lays forward for a better day or way in life. Often the contentions of humanity cloud the purity love can deliver where peace dwells. Jealousies, envies, and hate, to list a few, surround us all. None are free of challenges that tear at the heart, and so compassion for others close in our lives, as we ride the razors of living, helps along the path. There is a greater existence ahead, and we must remember this, while even though the times can be torturous, it eventually will pass and be left behind. Looking forward to heavenís glory with God is the hope of our faith.

MyGod https://youtu.be/WSvd_jFroBg
Psalms 62:6-7, Deuteronomy 32:3-4. No helper is greater than the creator of all who offers mortal salvation. Not all see this where the devastation of corruptible man denies, and disregards, omnipotent presence. Where we place our confidence is what defines the rock we worship, either finite or infinite. Is our faith in man or God?

Saul was the first King of Israel, and it soon went south as he killed all the temple priests as he pursued attempts to assassinate David. Davidís rule, at times in murder and adultery, eventual left the people with a divided kingdom upon his death, with Solomon his son. It would seem our passion for men as leaders has caused our identity with God to become so very unclear. We scream for justice as mud is thrown from seemingly all sides. Unfortunately, we reduce to division with little common ground. Our children cry and want to die. Legacies can be at times challenged by the fears we face, and the hate we cannot bury. In times of peace the people flourish where wars bring civilizations to their knees. One may ask, how do we retrieve these times of greater glory for our children? The only clear answer is to submit to God and pray His hand reveals it. His will not mine is where hearts of trust, and faith endure. Godís Word instructs us to know His will over mere opinions or manipulations of man, and it is vital for humanities return to decency in truthfulness. His Way is clear. Without God as our intimate fundamental foundation, man destroys man.

Among the tragedies that befall us, we may not always be able to see what the rational or intent of the Lord is, but we are assured that His method is sound, and sure, to accomplish His purpose of nurturing autonomous life in goodness, inviting His creation to live eternally, in union with Him. It is God that declares righteous upright justice in truth. It is up to mankind to apply the workings of God. Fall or rise, we are all accountable for our own actions by design. Choices in desires or beliefs declares where a soulís commitment lies. Together or apart, God remains for all.

EyeOfGod Watches https://youtu.be/hA3bBlCF_qE
Psalm 33:18-19, John 5:24. God watches each of us to see our resolve in what we are, to ourselves, and others. His blessings wait for those uninhibited in unwavering hope for His truth, and purposed diligent application of the good qualities of His Holy expressions. It is said faith comes by hearing the word of God, and in hearing, if one acts upon His truth, what is best in life is realized. It is critical that His word be examined by individual souls for salvations sake. Salvation is found on the inside, not from the outside. Belief is like a match. One hears that it is lit, and, in sensibility, one does not expose flesh to its scorching; warnings are heeded, choices God regarded are made, for better directions. Believing reality, one would not knowingly harm oneself after the truth of itsí presence, or danger, was known. To hear baptism is required for salvation, from Jesus, and explained by Peter for the remission of sins, is it sensible to argue against His call to obey this simple act? It is not for man, it is for God. Ignoring to hear God reaps due consequences, in all stubborn hearts who would deny His plan, in place of another. No human excuse or substitute doctrine will exonerate the guilty from the guillotine of judgment. If one believes an ax is swinging towards oneís neck, one moves. Belief is a call to action.

Death https://youtu.be/M2nl1bn5YSk
1st Corinthians 15:56, Romans 6:16, 1st Corinthians 15:50. Death is always a shock that stings all caring hearts involved. Sinís most atrocious acts are actually, in many instances, condoned by mankindís legal follies, to pursue his desires over Godís. Having laws supporting sin bolsters itís lawlessness as acceptable. Delayed justice is no justice. Even the controversial legalizing of abortion gives strength to sin through the weakness of man, or where murderers are set free; the list is endless. The injustice man inflicts will be sheared away by Godís light when absolute truth comes upon us. His word is clear that obedience leads to a righteous life, whereas sin leads to a purposeless death. Death devours all flesh with a last gasp as souls rise back to God. Each will face judgment alone.

FruitsOfSpirit https://youtu.be/o4KHyYkpb8I
Galatians 5:22-24, 2nd Peter 1:5-10. And so it comes to the fruits we choose that declares our destination, and existence right now unfolding; peace or turmoilís. To pursue Spirit over that of the flesh has eternal treasures in the garden of His light, and benefits above measure. Lusting desires can, and do, cloud the calm of spirit. Lifting our hearts, may our fruit bowls eternally be filled in Godís own truths. As we grow as honest Christians, or just people hoping for better, we do our best to integrate those things that strengthen our character bringing us closer to His divine nature, as clearly instructed; to benefit ourselves and those we encounter. It can be a challenge, with cliffs and snares on all sides as the earth sinks in darkness, to always remain in who we hope to spiritually be. Even the Apostle Paul struggled to stay on course. Goodness has many pieces to the pie. Many of the inseparable fruits of Spirit work in concert with each other. To relinquish or ignore any one part of spirit can compromise the effectiveness of them all. Character can easily crumble without dedication and regard for others. To fall short is not to stand tall. We all kneel as we crawl back to knowing. Life is a climb from the farthest reaches of darkness back to the light. Pray we stand forward more than fall back in error. Godís Word is our guide.

The qualities the Bible expresses, for our lives, are for the best possible existence, and are given so we can know right from wrong. When we neglect to share this holy knowledge, or abandon our children to the confusion of sinful natures, hopelessness rather than hopeful becomes us. Apathy and anarchy inevitably ensue. To return to God is to build the best possible civilization.

TheWalk to God https://youtu.be/02dwsGobi2g
Deuteronomy 13:4. We should humble our hearts in the face of His serving truths. All scripture has been given for us to examine in becoming better creatures for ourselves, and others. Certain truths cannot be avoided. Hearts dedicated in serving one another gain the holy insights of peace and love. This sanctuary of holiness is above where most dwell, many of which whom are mired with dark hearts; deceived by all the various arrows of evil. God has thrown us all a rope, and if we grab on to His guiding hand, survival is all but assured. Let us join together in our faith, in such a great understanding and forgiving God.

Redeem the time https://youtu.be/EnVdMryjEV8
Ephesians 5:15-17. He asks that we take care in all that we do, and especially pay attention to His instructions. We all know the days are evil, and to miss the opportunity to improve in ourselves daily is to the shame of fools. Each moment is priceless, in living, so let us choose life over those things that would deny it. Understanding Godís will is to become that part of ourselves that sets us free.

Triangle of our return https://youtu.be/wrq3omLGa3c
Ephesians 3:1-6. To return to the Lord is to return to the true unveiled image of our innermost identity. It is Godís will that we partly review His revelations through the writings of the Apostle Paul. In goodness and truth, this is the way of His universal revealing of foreverís promise. God is not hidden as in His word He reveals Himself. To recognize His Spirit living in us is to become gloriously alive forevermore. Eternity gleams upon those worshipping in His giving truths. To see the glory of God is to see the true self. Finding God is found by seeking Him through His Word.

I_AM https://youtu.be/-oZiZjv7eYg
Psalms 46:10, Isaiah 45:12-13. I am is identity of a spirit soul. The extent of His calm places reflection upon our hearts to see deeper than just the surface. In a decaying universe of limitations, He shows us helplessness without Him. In our fallen state we have no power to walk on water. Our lives fragilely transport across the ages within hostile environments. His warning call is to return, to that which is above, is plainly clear in all the natural wonders we witness. This universe was made so that the divine nature would be more than apparent to those who would see it for what it is, His nursery of love for creation and life.

Certainly the Lord has created all. And in such His plan incorporates priceless spiritual salvation, particularly for those that have obedient submissive loving hearts; to those ready to freely give thanks, for His gift in the Grace, of living alive, that He offers to all through Christ. So often we live to die alone in the disgust that we are, and how dreadful mortal existence can be; it even wearies the angles. As prisoners in bondage upon the earth, He has come to release us from death into life. We cannot earn salvation, but we can accept it. We need the service of His freely given infinite wisdom to return to our sense of higher truth.

SpiritOfWisdom https://youtu.be/bW8_XeFWDok
Ephesians 1:17-18. His will is for us to be filled in Him while our hope waits for the promised inheritance. Our hope is built upon the knowledge we accumulate, and the understanding we gain from His Word. May the harshness of living be comforted by

GiftOfGod https://youtu.be/R0FyVwd_ScM
Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8. Eternal life is a choice, to be submissively dedicated in Christ, believing in His power, else a separate destructive delusion invades His kingdom, assassinating His truth, and simple calling. Institutions of man cannot offer a gift no man can give. Christians hope for forgiveness under His Grace to enter eternal life; to freely roam in His unimaginable

OnOurHearts https://youtu.be/AjY47dy1sWA
Hebrews 8:10. In the heart of man beats the truth of God, if in submission to Him. This mind of God should be deep upon each of our hearts as we cherish that which has come for us to know, God Himself. Truthís resonance never fades.

Grace https://youtu.be/nn676MIzV60
Romans 5:1-2, Titus 3:7. For those resolved in His ways, Grace rewards our hope, not by price. Truly, our inheritance is to become children of God. There is no inheritance in a soul left alone without God. To obediently pursue His word is where a soul exposes itself back to God. Let us be able to stand bare before God.

Find His door of truth https://youtu.be/3vuw7PsNjFE
Matthew 7:14. Ignoring God is the choice of the many who will not obtain His inheritance. We are all sinners in need of what Jesus did to protect us from the judgment of permanent death. Wisdom declares we come to His cross of forgiveness where He bears our sins. Repentance from sinful errors is His call to turn to His ways of goodness. Eternal life is one breath away.

HisMercySavesUs https://youtu.be/1VtsLy8LO_I
Titus 3:4-7. His word incorporates the knowledge we need to know that sets one free. Hope in the washing waters of faith brings brilliance to a heart. To allow Jesus to command, by His forgiving act of sacrifice, fills one with a spirit greater than mortal life. It is trust in His saving Grace.

OnlyFaithBasedOnEvidence https://youtu.be/kUWEbzz5mUY
Romans 16:25-27. God offers this exceptional gift of eternal life to those that remain loyal in belief. The brilliance of spirit outlast the darkness of self-seeking flesh. What is forever, and eternal, is what we come to put our belief in. Prophetic scriptures found in the Bible shows His Word as the only religion based on evidence. All other constructions of man fade from the truth of His revelations. To be in God, one has to become larger than self. It is not about seeking fame or power, it is a surrendering to God with an honest open humble heart.

GodRichInMercy https://youtu.be/0VJlhNqBlKM
Ephesians 2:4-10. What is tomorrow if one does not have today. It is God that gives us all, and He explains clearly His will for us, as His children. His rich mercy, and gifts for life, call for a presence of good works. God watches through the lens of His goodness.

JesusLightOfLife https://youtu.be/pQxfCU_62Go
John 8:12, Acts 26:18, John 5:11. Love is a word short of expressing itsí totality. It is a simple truth that God loves us. To truly love Him sets a soul free to soar in such a realm of unrestricted heights. Men may argue over the simple truths God has given, but God stands where man stumbles. Simply, God offers eternal life to all those who find life in His Son Jesus Christ.

TheSameMind https://youtu.be/ZsGgoFmciEI
Philippians 2:1-5, 1st Peter 4:1-2. In Christ is the fellowship called for by God. It is the mind of God in the oneness of His call; to follow His example. To care for self and others without selfish ambition or conceit. To put off the lusts of the flesh, and pursue the will of God. To live in God, or to live in man, exposes the soul. Haughty or humble. Man is divided, where God is not. His call is to become One in Him. Temples of man, for man, crumble while God waits for our individual return.

OfTheTruth https://youtu.be/zeywU8QymPI
1st John 3:18-21. Words can be shallow without the depth of action. As we search to know our hearts, guilt can be condemning in the face of His forgiveness. In deed and truth we must humbly travel this journey, into His Kingdom, climbing out from our sinful past. Without forgiveness there is no sanity of conscience. Forgiving ourselves as well as others is key in standing whole in spirit. It is Godís Grace to forgive that gives us our strength, to continue and improve, upon faith in Him. It is love in truth He looks for.

SinsAndForgiveness https://youtu.be/JdlB_WD9J9Q
1st John 2:1, 1st John 1:9. All mortal souls sin, and forgiveness is offered through Jesus Christ. His word assists us in becoming who our better side would choose to be. Christ is the bar we should all be reaching for. When we fall, if we confess, with a repentant heart, He covers us with His shield of love. It is by Him that we are made clean, able to endure the coming judgment under His wing. Jesus wants us to live in the goodness that He is. Jesus is lovingly calling, come to Me, all you sinners.

ChristDiedForOurSins https://youtu.be/XMuXsfmJlck
1st ~ Corinthians 15:1-3, Mark 15:31-32, Isaiah 53:3. The suffering Christ endured, He carried the wicked sins of all mortal flesh. He did this unselfishly to enlighten all those who would choose to know the one and only true God, of love and self-sacrifice. It also exposed the nature of the best in man, as well as the worst. To hide oneís face from others is to live secret lives, often, oneís of dishonesty and selfishness.

Tormenters show their callous cowardice in their contempt over any heart of mercy. Their anger festers to an explosive boiling, behind scheming thoughts. The message God sent through Jesus is larger than any phony idol or construction of man, or the hate that confronts the masses in ignorance, as fists are raised. God waits for the return of His children, through faith in the knowledge of Him. His truth supersedes any construction born of manís delusions, and or lust for power over others. Proud men cannot save anyone, and only humble patient loving hearts will arrive at His doorstep. Jesus came to turn our hearts back to God, and not to worship any exalted man in the flesh.

CallToTheDoorOfPromise https://youtu.be/xSW5hUkgRoo
Hebrews 9:15. His eternal purpose is to redeem holy life from that which rejects it or has fallen away. God offers each of us a return to share life openly with Him. One must hear the call and respond in order to inherit the promise of the eternal blessings. In the countless shifting sands crossing the eons of time, from the agonies of raising pyramids to the terror of sinking boats, all will return humbly bowing before Him. May His redeeming mercy welcome us gracefully.

MeditateOnTheseThings https://youtu.be/qJ4NxTIgtKQ
Philippians 4:8. His instructions for those in His light is to dwell upon all that embraces goodness. It is the candle of oneís true character to shine in all that is heavenly.

TruthBringsUsForth https://youtu.be/3bPLBK2hfvs
James 1:18. Godís force is such that He calls for our return through the spirit of our lives. Our choice is our destiny, in Him or not. God takes no pleasure in the defiant that would spurn Him. He wills that we would arise in Him, adopted to an eternal inconceivable and irrevocable inheritance.

It is in realizing that God has given each of us life that the truth of His Spirit is revealed. Jesus has sealed the terms of our salvation for all those that would fully accept Him. Repent and be immersed in Him is the call. Stand as a breathing individual in Godís creation, knowing that His plan has eternal purpose. He is in fact the One that carries us all. We are all of the rising life of earthís dust. We owe our lives to God; praise Him, our Lord Jesus Christ, and blessings untold will unfold.

In spirit and truth, have you immersed in Jesus and the life God would have for us? To accept Him lifts the soul beyond the mortal, and strengthens the spirit, deepening the soul.

ReceiveChrist https://youtu.be/D_AoQ9KRswk
Colossians 2:6-7. The classroom is the heart of all men; people. The heart is like a spider web that catches flies putrefying the nobility of a pure conscience. Innocence is so quickly lost in mortal life. No one can know the heart of another, and it is by the spirit of presence one answers to being. In the tree of life, Jesus supports all truth. Receiving Him is mandatory, granting entrance to the Grace offered by Him, in His Faith. One cannot create their own God, it must be learned through the Word of God, which is from God. God will only accept the genuine as He casts off all superficial callous souls. Get real with Me is the call of God. To turn to walk with God, established in His ways, is when repentance, honesty with the self, responds to His call. Receiving Christ is a response to removing the obstacles of sin.

RejoiceAlways https://youtu.be/SCixvPR_9c0
1st Thessalonians 5:16-18. There are things God asks of us no one has achieved. While rejoicing in Godís promise can be of a soulís deepest hope, to rejoice always inevitably has pain and suffering riding on the top of a heart. Loss in life is a heavy weight to bear as all endure waiting to be set free; perhaps of bad habits or thoughts that plague oneís heart of peace. It takes a mature wise soul to always remain thankful, turning to God and Jesus. To pray always is to never forget God, from one breath to the next. It is easy to say we all need to be more than we are. To endeavor is to never surrender to a life without God.

AllOfHeart https://youtu.be/Ve_HOJRIR5E
1st Peter 3:8. To be free in heart and mind can only be achieved by following His truths of spirit. Life can be a daily challenge as we all reach for peace and seek love. Can anyone obtain this wonderful experience of absolute freedom, and carefree thoughts? It is where a heart does not fester secretly, but remains openly honest. Moments pass, and tales are told of up and down. As we all fall short, harmony is only something approached as a hope, a utopian thought, absent from the earth, and available when heavenís eternal gift of life is realized. Knowing truth is freedoms magnet. Freedom is where God is. We all seek freedom. To neglect God is to lose this pull of hopeís immeasurable castle. When we care, heaven is touched.

OneGod https://youtu.be/nXcfBT91QxQ
1st Corinthians 8:6-7, John 17:21-23, 1st Timothy 2:5. God reigns over all false religions, no matter how bizarre or twisted the creations man chooses to worship. Artistic creations allure manís outward senses, where God looks to the desires of heart, to assess a soul. God is worshipped from the inside of a soul, not the tangible outside. Where we place our love, with importance and passion, is what can easily become an object of worship.

God in us is what Jesus proclaimed as our creator savior, and He in Him. To stand on His strength of Oneness delivers a transcendence wisdom. Jesus Christ will find each of us before the door to eternityís light. To not call upon Him reduces a soul to not having an advocate as evil is expelled to the bowels of darkness without God. The only way to achieve success is to never give up on attempting to further clarity of thought. To have the truth sets one free. Drowning occurs when laziness passes the gumption to pursue what one can be sure of, no matter the cost or effort. The fire to know truth shines on all that is great.

RealmOfGod https://youtu.be/WmP8zwMzHoA
Matthew 5:44-45, Matthew 25:32-33, 2nd Timothy 2:13, Titus 3:4-7,etc. In the realm of His light there are believers and unbelievers. He has revealed what is, and what will be. After all is said and done, it is God that remains above all, for all that is faithful, in His goodness. The righteous will not witness the ultimate demise of the unrighteous, however, the wicked will witness goodís ascension. To dismiss the trumpets played for all to hear is to fall on a fools silent shock. Sheep wait while goats rage. Hearts will deposit where they have sought.

SecondDeath https://youtu.be/oM9GNiVCObQ
Revelation 20:13-15, Revelation 21:8, 2nd Thessalonians 1:8:9. How dreadful where all strings come to an end. No pleading will be heard, with the most injurious judgment: rejection. The time is now; we must find the strength to affirm our faith without shame. Hate and greed cares not for the truth of God. Many lie against the truth, and darkness falls by this way, void of His light. By works we are either accepted or excluded, from the offering of His grace and mercy; of salvationís plan, saved from damnation. Those that claim we are not judged by our works have little understanding, as most certainly, God will judge accordingly by righteousness over evil souls. Inaction to seek God will have results. Whereas we cannot buy salvation, one must come to rely on Godís Grace through Christ.

On one side of the coin there is a never ending mountain, while the other holds a cliff to nowhere. Without genuine attempts to know God, how can any other result come about but casted out? Conditions have been set in His cornerstone, for His eternal kingdom to rise. Pray we are there.

GrieveTheHolySpirit https://youtu.be/VmI0IT2IEF8
Ephesians 4:29-32. In His Grace blessings have poured out in Spirit and truth. Without applying His truths, calamity ensues for all festering hearts. Weíve all heard to be or not to be. God has announced His BE's. Godís will is for us to lift one another. The bottom is no higher than the top, and too many sink in life. To purposely cause harm upon others is not the will of God. Accountability, however, is the will of God. To excuse evil is to accept evil. As it is said, there is a shortage of workers in His field, and everyone looks for a helper. Let God help us.

SpiritOfGlory https://youtu.be/BCaIjfg65oU
Luke 18:32, 1st Peter 4:14-15. Jesus went to His knees for each one of us. Shame on all those cursing what is noble in all efforts to improve living for all. Jesus came to deliver Grace and truth. All glory belongs to God. Increase our faith.

BaptizedIntoChrist https://youtu.be/KkgR1BGgMkM
Romans 6:1-4. Baptism unites us in His sacrifice of life, to shield us from the wrath that is to come upon all uncovered sin. Knowledge of His forgiveness lifts a spirit closer to knowing God, and His desire for us to walk in the goodness of life. It is the refreshment of a second chance to live again with God.

TheNewMan https://youtu.be/Y9WQBglIOJw
Ephesians 4:21-24. Coming to the Word of God comes with blessings untold, where truth unlocks an honest heart. No one wishes for the bondage of self-inflicted misery. Honest desire to endure, and to put off those old things, of sin, whereas the qualities He calls out for are pursued to the best of oneís ability, is the goal. Simple application is turning hate into love. For those that despise you, pray they open to the truth where love sets the soul free. The new person in God has a heart of compassion, not contempt.

WorthyInTheMirror https://youtu.be/pkaMPg0ms4Q
Romans 8:18. Vision has no expression to paint the love waiting for those faithful hearts hoping in His spoken truths. Coming to the self in the newness of life is to heed the knowledge in the hope of prayer. To forget goodness, disregarded to evil pursuits, is to not remember God. God sees all that we reflect.

EnterIntoLife https://youtu.be/iQ2HGFq_kZs
Matthew 19:17-19. The commands of decency are clear. As for doing murder, it is not condoned by God, and by not punishing the guilty only escalates evils, as announced by God. Excusing the enforcement of laws reduces to no laws. Adultery is the lack of a honest loyal soul, committed to the welfare of their other half, in a mutual relationship. Note that when one lies the truth is stolen. To love parents and not to curse others is where God wants us to live.

LightOfTheEye https://youtu.be/ik3ZHtGpjqI
Matthew 6:22-24. Darkness is a choice and must be avoided if God is your calling. Each of us has darkness to be purged from the light of our lives. Pray God always assists our climb back to Him.

Love https://youtu.be/ITzdzcl-ia4
1st John 4:16, Proverbs 10:12, Romans 12:9. Love simply endures more than can be spoken. Between evil and good, love is the conquering force. The salve of love dissolves all wounds. Nothing rises higher when love is present. Love is the mist of heaven.

Heart treasure is found in what one trusts https://youtu.be/vrZ0qUYgmwE
Jeremiah 17:5, Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:34. The bottom line is what a heart is to itself; where it cares and knows. One can only know who one truly is, and if not in accord with the divine calling of God Himself, oblivious and or despicable pursuits can lead to a soul's destruction, over eternal life in Him. Trust is one of the highest extensions of a heart. Trust in things is not the same as trust in spirit. It is a battle where goodness must overcome evil. To exclusively trust in the temporary misses a higher eternal trust, in the Creator of our souls, and supplier of all that continues.

As it is written we should not throw our pearls before the swine, and so we need to be cautious in who we open our hearts to. Scammers fill the world. Trust can be misplaced causing deep harm to a spirit, and the wellbeing of a godly soul. For our hearts not to be stepped on, we need to pray God helps us to find loyal caring friends, and the intelligence to know better. Pray our heart remains sure at the gates of our love.

ApartFromSin https://youtu.be/cVkmDRnktjk
Romans 14:7-8, Hebrews 9:27-28. Avoidance does not change the fact of what has always been, face to face, with the truth. All of creation is the face of God. There is no reincarnation, but a resurrection to judgment, apart from sin, for salvation or damnation. His salvation is the first step to eternity. The faithful have an eternal joy that is given upon His promise of salvation, and our actions of pursuit. It is Godís will that we find life in Him through knowing Jesus Christ as a breathless eternal moment. Larger than death, life in God.

TheWork https://youtu.be/nNMW_gZdTO8
Ephesians 4:11-14. Jesus calls to his flock of sheep. In all the storms of life, He asks we join in His knowledge to find unity. Warnings to be careful and not let the manipulations of evil influences, of the deceitful, alter Godís will to the will of man.

DesireMoreThanJustMilk https://youtu.be/MtjOfN6lwsk
1st Peter 2:1-3, Hebrews 5:13-14. What one ponders upon is the food for thought one lives by. The old adage "Use it or lose it" certainly applies when concerning Godís Word. It is a continual practice to improve that which aligns with His Word. Worthy is defined by our actions regarding His call to be in truth and act upon it. We are all experts of ignorance.

LongSufferingOfTheLord https://youtu.be/eJH1u3kQobM
2nd Peter 3:8-9. As time has a final moment, a new age awaits for all those faithful to His call. If not loving today, it has more than we can know in losing to the winds of tomorrow. Shadows of missed moments from the past causes one to drown in misery and regret. The present is the only gift we have. Tell me now, what is life and where dwells itsí importance?

LordRequiresOfUs https://youtu.be/CbE1qKp0c5c
Micah 6:8. Godís Word is simple and straight forward. His will for us is to reside in the goodness of His creation. What is most difficult for most is following His instructions. Application is easier said than done; to honor truth, to patiently love with understanding, to humble oneís naked heart before God Almighty.

TheGreatestOfAllLaws https://youtu.be/TKFFBI8ye9I
Matthew 22:39-40, Matthew 7:12. The thoughts of the bottom of oneís heart discloses true desire, and or the ability to control it. It can be a challenge to allow His truth to enlighten ones heart, if one does not wish to hear of our errors of spirit. As sand blows upon the dunes of life, our encounters in flesh expose a greater call, to a noble spirit over that which decays despicably before us all. The Word reveals that our highest quality is to love life with others, and certainly with those that would share in cherishing this. Incomparable blessings come with love. Without others we are nothing.

PraiseAndTrust https://youtu.be/ss3UwlgHjoo
Isaiah 12:1-3. Godís willingness to forgive falls upon those that trust in Him and follow after Him. In pursuits of wisdom, there is always another epiphany plateau. To reach that epitome of our highest spiritual aspirations is where praise and trust is without fear.

SevenThingsTheLordHates https://youtu.be/KqatgqXX0kw
Proverbs 6:16-19. Specifics as to what exactly are abominations to God have been made clear. To understand what is displeasing to the Lord assists us in the knowledge of right and wrong. It should be common sense as to the nature of evil and good, and when evil is acceptable, poor are the people. Each of us needs to seek Godís truths out, and apply them to the best of our abilities.

HeartsGrownDull https://youtu.be/iAoCq-U9EgE
Matthew 13:15-17. His inspired Word is a call to see and hear what He has proclaimed Himself, along with His chosen Apostles; all meant for us to understand the blessings set forth for all. To see and hear the truth of God has no substitute.

BeHoly https://youtu.be/NyhELw6XnHw
1st Peter 1:15, 1st Peter 2:1. Redundancy, to achieve clarity, it is found in the truth He delivers. Scholars and laymen alike have no excuse in understanding what He makes plain. As mere men we all have challenges to be better, leaving evils behind, while shining in the light where love lifts. The burdens of living, and broken hearts, litter the world in the grinding of humanityís atrocities. To remain free of all the evils from within is a battle best won where holiness outshines undesirable practices. To stand unafraid is where the hopeful remain when loveís radiance shines forth.

WhatReignsDecides https://youtu.be/V-Oq3oJBmYs
Romans 5:19-21. God in the flesh came to earth to show mankind that belief is true righteousness, and it is the light that inspires from within; greater things we all should be reaching for. God searches all hearts to see how and if one has the character to act on committed belief, and if His ways are embraced. In the presence of living, what is is. No shadows hide from God. Fearless honesty rides the waves of faith. His coming in the flesh, deliverance in the resurrection of life, exposes Godís will that we should exist forever under His love that renders life. What is it that we come to? What one pursues declares oneís heart of hearts. Hearts travel open or closed in simply climbing or fatally falling.

Iniquity https://youtu.be/EEeCT221SEc
Isaiah 59:3-4, 7-10. Evil in itsí bloody lies cannot lie to itself when His justice is revealed. Shame is the worst when our hearts are conceived in lies as truth, inheriting a most certain death wish. Wickedness spins in that black darkness holding calculated callousness. Oblivion in itsí pious heights is covered in the whip of ignorance. Blindness is a condition of darkness. To carelessly stumble is to abandon faith in Godís Grace.

Evil https://youtu.be/ko5v80ZEq8Q
Jeremiah 8:6, Proverbs 4:19, Jude 1:16. The wicked see not any errors of character, as a ravenous beast unrepentantly devours, ripping at its pray; they care only for self. Many choose not to believe as life is more a disappointment with depression overwhelming spiritual considerations. Where self-seeking and envy are, every kind of evil confusion exists there. Unsettled hearts find no sanctuary of deepest peace, when complaints and unhappiness blindly fills a desperate soul. Where man remains above God, no truth can be found. Dark hearts steal the light that lifts wonder and imagination. Desperation, anxiety, and panic in life, is the tragedy of living, and must not be the guiding grasp, if hope is to lift a heart to the doorstep of stupendous eternity.

BreadOfLife https://youtu.be/zbzBACl2STI
John 6:47-54. His life offers the true sustenance of spirit for all that proverbially chew on His once delivered words of truth; as He came in the blood of life, and the flesh of presence. The spiritual food He offers is the heavenly manna of perfect instant life. He did not come to be idolized over sharing eternal truths. Religions fail when they worship the messenger, and miss the message. More than a physical process, digesting the substance of Jesusí truths heals, strengthening the soul, and inspires continuing faith in conveying our deepest of hopes. It is a call to diligently seek Him, and His will out, continuously, as a source of life in wisdomís fundamental understanding. One breath away is a call, as well as a warning. As it is written, His blood is the essence of His giving life, in sacrifice, for our sins. To fully embrace His life is to be bathed in this sacrifice, for individual forgiveness, in the presence of His unending life; that we all may find a piece of thankful life, in His eternal lifeís promise, our Passover Sabbath. Life with or without God is most certainly eternal, as commanded by Himself, almightily stamped on each soul. To make His presence, and His life, part of oneís deepest of heart, is to know the meaning of this wonderful eternal promise. To know is not to doubt or wonder. When Christ asked Peter, "Who do you say I am," and Peter responded with, "You are the Christ." Christ said He would build His church on this, oneís confession that He(God) unequivocally is, not that Peter was, where man glorifies man. How quickly man distorts and claims absolute superiority; arrogance. God came so He could be seen and glorified beyond the mere tangible, where men corrupt reality. Accepting Godís love satisfies what the world can never render or deliver. He offers an eternally sustaining meal of life as the source of our continuing creation under His love. "Do not forget Me," is His call to come as in a return in autonomous knowing. Created in His image we are. Unspeakable, all knees fall.

GodOfTruth https://youtu.be/sRKpNmXJiFM
Deuteronomy 32:4. God determines reality for the benefit of all, in the solid fundamental truth of His eternal creation. His will holds us tightly in His plan of unity, to come alive across the distance, to His love. Though we do not know, all having a common measure of isolation in ignorance, His is a plan of retrieval, and a test of soul honesty. We all fall short requiring the truth of His forgiveness, which is forgetfulness, "Your sins I will remember no more," in view of our guilt. Truth is the pillar most unfortunately reject.

Excuses https://youtu.be/fz3gb0vY-EY
Luke 9:61-62, Luke 14:18-20. In order to love as God would have us to live is to look forward releasing the past. Misery and agony live in the past, where a greater love in hope always lives ahead. To remain in a sinful past is to not take advantage of an improving future, with acceptance of a present life, maintaining forgiveness for those offensives before. God wants us to be optimistic in our approach to heaven. If we condemn ourselves, God is greater than our hearts, where we should have confidence in Him rising to the occasion of hearing, and acting. Lack of resolve leads to excuses skirting responsibility to worship the Creator in Spirit and Truth, where most slip to deception and lies. The blame game blinds finite hearts from seeing eternities awesome awakening. Eyes on the prize focuses on a lifting spirit of heart.

SeekFor https://youtu.be/lkVmAEivZCE
Romans 2:6-8. A clear distinction plainly displays by the Word of God, between good and bad. Ordinances expose human failings against humans, and God. Hearts have to know God does not play folly, catering to endless violins of excuses, as He pounds the drum of truth. The genuinely honest seek for Him under His retrieving Words. Those that ignore His call to believe, in Him, will find only repugnance at His final judgment.

PressTowardTheGoal https://youtu.be/f5Y8Kwub1hI
Philippians 3:13-14. In climbing to the best one can honestly be, one must forget so many, and all, past despicable moments, to rise assured in the comfort of present embracing love. This is not to forget the wisdom gained. The goal is of conscious souls acknowledging eternal life, a call from heavenís own gate, to see ahead, and not behind. To arrive is when Christ dwells as that beacon of a heartís breath, seeing Godís forceful intimate truth, for a life of lasting love, where no breaks in service occurs. One burns for the light of all that is genuine, or ignores it for the darkness of destruction in the delusions of deception, and heinous lies, to gain advantage over the ignorant innocent.

WhatIsMe https://youtu.be/ekqzA0OvxKQ
John 3:36, Hebrews 11:6, John 12-48-50, John 14:23. When one believes, action is a natural result. The action He calls for is obedience, in as many of the steps we each take. God is of the instant. God has offered His grace, and for those that refuse to acknowledge it, dire is the consequences, as announced by God Himself. Evil works inherit eventuality, without repentance, with an abrupt realization. We are indebted to the mercy offered through His glorious magnificent unpronounceable Grace. As AMEN has itsí finality, beyond human language, the Word of God encases His ongoing will for us. Man cannot supersede or dismiss what God has declared. Sweet will never be sour, and the sugar of man cannot replace the meat of God. What defeats man is superstitions, obsessive opinions, and blind allegiance to man, over humble wonder in God. Oh, what it is to examine eternity, if His living water upwells, in oneís heart. He is the source fountain of all that is life. Love is the key to all stupendous treasures He freely gives. As the ages declare, to partake or not to?

WhatFillsOne https://youtu.be/Mb4kGOoHFf0
Jude1:20-21, 2nd Thessalonians 2:15. Spiritual change of worth is collected in all the goodness we plow, sharing what we have with those God has placed in our lives. Our interactions with those we encounter, and especially the ones we are most intimate with, expose who we are, and how we not only love others, but God Himself. Our relationships reveal our commitment to God. How genuine is a heart? When what is greater than self fills a soul, unprecedented tranquility is had. Hard hearts are healed in the softness of His love coming to understanding the width and depth of eternityís majesty. It can be a battle in remaining steadfast to His word in a world of sinfulness plagued in the selfishness of man. Praising Him over the lawlessness of man secures a true heart. True belief in God is an impenetrable arsenal no missile of hate can destroy.

TheRighteous https://youtu.be/jq7FxU-UN6A
Psalms 112:6-7, Psalms 1:6, Proverbs 12:28. It is love for God that unites us in the eternal rewards that He offers. Independence is where freedom resides. Many disbelievers accuse the overly righteous (zealous fanatics) of dividing the communities of mankind, and claim they have done so throughout the centuries of posturing for power and property. Historical "human" religious actions paint a poor example of divinity and holy hearts. Surely, many of those that claim to be righteous can be the most heinous of hearts, despising human life that does not align with their blinding narrow minded opinions, over truly, a higher faith, independent of influence and or domination from self-serving doctrines or emotional impulses of man. Truth is not hard to see in itsí plain display. There are good and bad hearts, angry unloving souls and patient listening ones. Intelligent seekers verses ignorant deniers of the obvious. One must be careful not to let opinion overrule senses where facts can be nebulous and unsure. Successful communities seek balance as wisdomís understanding comes by observation and wonder to see the unseen, with the least amount of deception. The straight line of truth has more often been made crooked. Assuredly, blessings come to those who humbly come to God first, in the depths of being.

Approved https://youtu.be/g0G8mKdSxM0
2nd Timothy 2:15. Light from time will judge our actions be they as they are. To be in accordance with decency and respect, many lack these attributes. Divisions in sexuality, politics, and economic inequalities drive animosities, more than understanding. No matter race, religion, or disposition, accusations filled with contempt, is not the will of God. Peace is the reward of love. As a Father desires his child, the plea of love is "come."

Vigilant https://youtu.be/E9R7BUbI3Lc
1st Peter 5:8-9. While watchful the storm rages chasing the righteous across the sea of sin. Success is not a measure of earthly quantifications; it is measured by a heartís extent of freedom. Success is a spirit of joyís peace for loveís emancipation. Success is the bond to give oneís heart away, out of any stingy center. The generosity of love is to selflessly give free of obligation. Carelessness and neglect drive the worms of ruin. Dreams may never come true where many battle the loss of all those most extraordinary hopes. While hearts may be heavy, all touch the sky. To stand on the bottom is to reach the top. Success is leaving a piece of yourself for the enrichment of others. As said, it is not the years in oneís life, it is the life in oneís years. A people or country without work (purpose) has no foundation to stand on the bones it carries.

MustPutOn https://youtu.be/t6M1-9wj0cs
Colossians 3:12-14. God knows one of our weaknesses is our inability to have forgiving hearts. The rage of revenge crosses the sense of peace. We more often judge one another, and so condemn those we know, to the detriment of our greater joy in the freedom found in simple love. Love is freedomís key. People lost to time, in ages past, still anger unsettled spirits. Hate is a pit with no bottom. Psychological cloaks define temperament of how one breathes. When those pillars of truth, given by His Word, are ignored, societies fall into a mass hysteria of unforgiving chaos. Godly qualities, no matter religious affiliation, have been made universally clear. Fall or rise, truth remains.

PatternOfGoodWorks https://youtu.be/E_qVQL2WA_4
Titus 2:7-8. In clear wisdom the heart refines that true character of brilliant godliness, and this is what we all struggle to achieve; Hope, love, integrity; climbing the balance of contentment. Excellence is established when truth welds honor for all. Having cautious personalities, respecting decency with honest desires to remain purposely unoffensive, is what clamors up to the stars themselves. Evil blatantly paints across the desolation it inflicts. Taking care in earnest to avoid foolishness, is where diligent pursuance of good works resides. Lights shine their color from dark to bright. Good works hinge the doors of heaven.

SinWIllFindYou https://youtu.be/uDRq_nKIwjo
1st John 1:10. Only an honest heart can find the humble truth of falling tragically short. To climb the ladder of life, only honesty reaches that next handrail. We all reach forward hoping for better conditions, and those in denial exemplify arroganceís mask. Arrogance dwells in a womb of anger where superiority blinds hopefulness. Mountain or ditch, I have made two words defining the measure of character; Pompissity verses Humbility. To receive the implanted word benefits all who are able to find these God given truths. The practice of a heart rides upon the dangerous while embracing sin. To bow to God is to stand in the greatest of light. Though good righteous acts do occur by unbelievers, to embrace righteousness fully, God cannot be excluded from this equation.

TwoCommands https://youtu.be/HfTyetDfErk
Luke 10:27-28. What is simple for some is hard for others. Obscurity is not clarity. Treasure exchanges for garbage, garbage becomes treasure. However, brilliance will never be unclear. Surrendering to God naturally produces more than can be said or explained; lifeís pure essence upon the razor of forever. Inner choices indicatively expose desireís wish for life or death. To follow God is to remain hopeful over hopeless. Surrendering oneís heart to God opens exclusive treasures of togetherness. More often isolation, despising neighbor while elevating self as the most desired, is an empty cathedral.

ToHide https://youtu.be/PT67B9UNGmM
Isaiah 29:15, 1st Samuel 8:3. Repeated warnings go forth cautioning not to ignore His vision. Casting the stones of hate and selfishness is where all concerned perish. Most mortals have not pursued His called for decency, rather greedily oppressing the innocent in a wave of primadonna-hood-ship. Eat before eaten hides in the dark. Careless callous souls devour the light as they descend into the darkness. Crisis is where humans break from God.

ServantQualities https://youtu.be/t8KH_wnZF9c
2nd Timothy 2:24-26. If truth is oneís quest, the senses reveal evils cleavage, on Godís call to return in wholesome awareness. Many fester on the bitterness of life void of empathy for others. Without finding a heart of service, the true nature of living cannot be found. Mastering life is living thankful, sharing self. Task masters bear the brunt of harsh heavenly judgment if mercy is not cherished over the cruelest of unfair profits. Single islands sink alone. Only by service in one another is unity achieved. What defeats societies is when the worthy are made worthless. Since we were created for good works, idleness descends into nowhere ahead. Work gives spirit purpose, and without such, heavy dark hearts sink upon the rivers of time lost.

Personalities https://youtu.be/kCriUCEhPTI
Genesis 2:16-17, Genesis 4:25-26. A command to obey was made to acknowledge the creator, with authority over all. As the command of God was ignored, instead, pursuing selfish whims of autonomous human authority, hate and jealousy entered into the garden of tranquility, as others born in isolation then called on God. A separation has occurred, and God waits for our mutual return. God desires all equally as special. The test is before us to respond to the call, or ignore itsí outspreading truths. Time is a test of return to timelessness. Fools choose the distance of godless impulsive actions, while the prudent welcome the light ahead. To repair any heart left alone in time, is to find love in all itsí spreading colors. Unfortunately, anger usually fills the void of loneliness before eventual hopelessness spirals to the deepest wells of nowhere. Humanity can at times appear a garbage can. Life and death is filled in each breath. Godís main message is to inspire those who believe to live fuller lives as they return to eternities promise.

Noah https://youtu.be/u18ErS2PnY4
Genesis 6:5-8. Regrettable when people abandon the goodness for one another, as God would have it, suspicion defeats trust and severs simple love. Grief resides in the canyons that divide. Families were not meant to crumble upon the fate of hate. Words lose their truthful meaning in the chasm of self-inflicted imagination. Despondence is not a heartís passion to love. Created in His image, grief is parsed by the squirms of rejection, and lack of common understanding. Hurt is the pain of loss. His will extends in all hearts common to His ways of truth, in love, thank God, and AMEN. Part of the folly of rebellion abides in deception; lies forever fade, while Godís truth carries no illusions. God now surrenders to the fates each of us plow, as the gates of eternity await. One God reigns over all fobbings mankind displays afflicting truthís eternal call. Angels watch silly fools, mired in the wet dust of life, unaware of the greater marvels He renders. Arrogant simpletons die alone.

BeliefIsRighteousness https://youtu.be/GUTrpK0DK0I
Genesis 15:5-6. All the incalculable extent of stars are a small number in the eternity of Godís presence. The physical universe purposely displays His unfolding endless scope. Above and beyond the physical awaits a grander abode, without the debt of disintegration. Superior arguing humans debate over His creation. It is that it is. As fading hairs are counted, angels rejoice for their existence pushing dimensionally forward. To be immeasurably rich is to grasp unwavering trust, deriving that beyond understanding belief. God the amazing! Belief in God from the depths of self is where righteousness dwells. To return is to find that which is greater than all. We all have been placed in this space of limited life, to reveal the strings of oneís song of doing. Doing is the gauge of presence. To live or die is in the notes we play.

PromiseIsForAll https://youtu.be/C78Bh5Q3b9I
Romans 4:13-15. The promise not only extends to the physical lineage by Maryís virgin delivery of Jesus, but more endlessly to those that through faith uphold righteous trust in Him. Jesus holds the light of God Himself, a gift of sacrifice, and surrender, for all, to know His will for our genuine wholehearted return. Jesus is the focus of Holy retrieval beyond all obscure creations of mankind, which only create divisions. By His promise, Grace has come upon us all, offering forgiveness and love, if our hearts are able to obediently do the same. Come back has an epiphany quality. Language holds the key for understanding, and if, but, and in are heard, wisdom flourishes. If we follow, but if not, declares what we are in. Free is what all mortals wait for. Wisdom declares, and commences, through the trials of earthís hard knocks, and that good judgment is often preceded by bad choices, leading to bad results, awakening a soul to know better choices. The freedom wisdom offers comes by Godís truths of salvation for our return to eternityís light where love sustains life.

SeedOfGod https://youtu.be/EMCtu2-pqlE
Galatians 3:16-17, Hebrews 2:14-16, Galatians 3:17-18. Christ is our rest, the rock of our salvation, and the seed of Godís own truth, which extends as an invitation to all souls who would believe. Not seeds of salvation, as many make claims of "look to me," as the standard; all the Mohamedís, Jim Joneís, pious elite asserters, etc., where man is an exalted creature (by his own proclamations) utilizing gossip, conman-hood-ships, and hearsay of Satanís false contradictory seed(s){lies}, to attempt to defeat truth among men, under God, for the greed and desperation of manís insatiable selfish desire to dominate. The simple call is for each heart to come to God alone. Both arrogant and ignorant carelessness avoids the platter of plain truth. Manipulative deceptive religions are mainstream. Division and delay is an action of sly laughing evil behind the curtain of lies. It is not about religion, but relationship with God Himself. Religious doctrines/Humanistic rantings, can defeat the higher call of God, following perversions of men over the Creator. The call is to individual hearts to come to Him directly, of the spirit, not of the flesh.

Many in life make promises. How many leave on the pile of empty promises? If a promise is broken, then it was originally a lie. True commitment has no limit. Promises without truth are what line the sewers of man. Only submission to God is what does not smite a soul. What is it when we promise to love? Sure or unsure? Sincere or fake? The temporary fleetingly mingles with forever where truth remains over the lies. Stand fast as a seed called to grow. Our return to Him is our belief. Faith is life in Godís light as our inheritance.

PromiseByFaith https://youtu.be/w4cOZOG-nv8
Galatians 3:21-22. In rebellion, God delivered divine laws to guide all who would live by the promise of faith in Him. A call to truth. Life is a gift, not something earned. While all sin, God loves all those who would be true in honoring humble truths, as the promise of rising in the faith of believing, committing. To find is the answer. Forgiveness of others, and then self, lifts consciousness to know beyond understanding; presence. Realizing what has been revealed is the emancipation of thought. To find the door of God, faith in pursuit of adhering to His commands, for goodness, heals the heart to bear the load of living.

LawWasOurTutor https://youtu.be/VsRq_49ZzX8
Galatians 3:22-29. What came before in The Law despicably shows all of manís inadequacies to justly administrate, over self-centered scheming domination. Cruelty comes by man, not God. The touch of God frees us from spiritual sleep, and awakens the heart to faithfully know His truth, under the oppressive reign of judgmental men. Faith makes simple open hearts, with more than could humanly be; heavenís love above stars where life shines stronger. Faith gulps on eternal precepts as death looms. Faith combines truth with life in view of His unending youthfulness, by other words, agelessness. God never grows old in His permanence, and is the womb of the certain promise for life eternal. True mortal faith admits failings in temporary life, and accepts forgiveness, in pursuit of becoming better than yesterday. To remove the puss of contempt, one must apply the salve of faith, in that which is higher than the brief earth. God welcomes all who come to His call and mutually responds with the seal of life.

GodExplainsFaith https://youtu.be/ePqSXbLMSTU
Romans9:6-9, John 8:39. The seeds have been thrown to grow back to God as they will. Each soul either gathers to the light or is repelled by itsí absolute brilliance. Those that believe are counted as the precious sands that flow upon eternityís jewels. The beach of God does not lose itself to the bottom that cannot be seen as vision extends forever. The key word in lifeís consequences is what do we "do." No treasureís color will not be known. "Do" reflects the destination of our souls under the judgment, and promise, of God. Quiet or loud, all that is special will be found by God. He wills us to have confidence in life, and not to be endlessly mired in the oceans of guilt and shame, rather, not to be ashamed with uplifting spirits honoring His Word. Faith, obedience, and uprightness is the nobility of those inheriting eternities glory in His unending presence.

Forgive my missing the fact of subsequent slides.

ChristCallsToAllHearts https://youtu.be/Y6feAhCUhzg
Ephesians 2:11-16. A wonderous call comes by the highest part of a deep heart. Holy Anarchy is for those who abandon God. Bliss is His gift of Grace. God shows no difference in His love for us cherishing each, and hoping for all our awakening to truthís emancipation. The light of a soul is the measure that causes one to walk into heaven or to be dismissed to the well of oblivious despicable lying cowards. God dwells in the bottom of each heart supporting life. To not see this is to be blind.

ComingToGodsHeaven https://youtu.be/G2VoyKeEXg4
Ephesians 3:5-6, 2nd Peter 3:9, 2nd Peter 3:11-13. The path is written in stone where His promise will remain. God is the rock of our salvation. Solid truth can be no plainer where the sky surrounds the earth and heaven shines her touch. The patience of God upends all who would question His longsuffering presence with the atrocities of man. By the Grace of God each is called. How can one live on declaring only temporary time, where mortal chaos rules over order? In God remains the greatest of living, and a destined ordered heart. Our beacon is His love ahead from behind.

CallToTruth https://youtu.be/xTQM9t4UUKk
Jeremiah 33:14 , Hebrews 9:13-15, Titus 1:2, 1st John 2:25. Truth cannot be altered, as it is clear, past anything man would or could want to change. Christ is the light of truth itself for all who would have life in God. Across the corridors of all human knowledge pinnacles on the crucifixion of Christ. God shared, and sacrificed, His own life that we may take ours. One can say nothing more as He has given all. Words of medicine healing all lost souls. What could be more than an eternal inheritance of joy in love? Hope is the anchor to eternity where friendship is the invitation. And His promise is that very most precious commodity; life itself.

CallToHoliness https://youtu.be/HfftDM_jBgk
2nd Corinthians 7:1, 2nd Peter 1:2-4, Romans 15:8, 2nd Corinthians 1:20, Galatians 3:13-14. In the cross of life, to purge what is despicable, is the call of God. Good and evil has been declared by His Word. Coming to the promised land lies in the sanctuary of each oneís property of heart. Peace is what a humble heart obtains knowing and accepting His Word is true. God came in the flesh to confirm His own promises for our redemption. Christ is the epitome of what man should aspire to be in strength and compassion for all. Through faith we might receive what He has promised, if we waver not from His truthful Words echoing for our return.

BelievingTrustLoves https://youtu.be/6UE9j-i3SsU
Ephesians 1:11-14, James 1:12. God through Christ is offering all who would believe, and have Him, eternal blessings in life with Him. To hear, abides in waiting until His trumpet calls; face to face, soul to soul. Who would deny the crown of life but those who would deny His promise in the eternal love of life given by God Himself. In life we make choices, to love or not to love, to laugh or to curse. Gloriously simple are the hearts free of this temporary world.

TheCall https://youtu.be/eEUGXYyeQQQ
Acts 2:38-39. A common message is to confess to God and believe in His word; a genuine relationship. Arguing over truth is not accepting truth, but remaining in rebellion, married to isolated proud deceived hearts. Submission to God Almighty is a release to an unwavering faith, in simple thankful acceptance. The Holy Spirit comes to humble hearts and flees from the arrogant ones. God is not a God of surprise, and His word exposes who we are to be. Crucial is understanding this vital knowledge delivering the wisdom of all ages. Calm sense reigns over impulsive outbursts of wrath. Many do not hear the call to simply love God. The call has been to all generations of mankind.

GodReignsSupremeOverAllMankind https://youtu.be/eg5K-5eR7ZQ
Numbers 23:19, Deuteronomy 32:4, Psalms 33:10-13,Psalms 14:2, Psalms 53:2, Daniel 4:35, Isaiah 40:17, Psalms 57:11.
It may take more than a human lifetime, but God delivers on His Word in His time of His patience and choosing. The Lord cannot be quantified in all His glory as men quibble over their petty beliefs. God is God who created man, not that man created God. We need God, God does not need us. The LORD cannot be replaced or substituted with stone, wood, or colors of preference. To find God is to find oneís own heart.

For all that believe in human importance, the Lord God clears the confusion, it is a quagmire of insignificance if not considering His glory of creation. In eternal light is the life God offers, with Him, as angles rejoice. Mankind's demise is his inability to join across the spectrum of all and any conditions. Submission is elevated to a higher wisdom of awareness. Greed, corruption, and the such, steal decency and respect for all. God remains sure. Does one respond or ignore the call to truth, over the lies of man?

* There is 1,451 "ifs" in the Bible.

FreeOfTheLawOfSinAndDeath https://youtu.be/G86PvvSvrhE
John 3:16-17, Romans 8:2-4. God hopes all will regain senses of Spirit over those destructive characteristics that steal the joy of holiness, and calm the soul. Coming to Him is conditional based on His Word and what He expects from His children. The offer of everlasting life has been made for us to respond to His Word or not; diligent verse careless. God looks for honest hearts. The law of His love has come upon all who would have His offering to come home to His seal of truth. Acting on faith in Him frees us from the punishment of death. His knowledge shines before all to see.

*I donít claim that all lawyers are corrupt, however, a few bad apples spoils the whole bunch. Lies can never represent justice.

KindnessAndLoveOfGod https://youtu.be/6Ok85F1y5LE
Titus 3:4-7. What God does in Jesus is wash us with His everlasting truth. His love welcomes each of us to return in true worship of Him, Creator of all. His Grace is the gift of eternal life for those who choose to follow His calling.

AllWeDo https://youtu.be/YXW6vus5tp8
Colossians 3:23-24, 1st John 5:2, Galatians 3:26. Actions define condition, and either thankfulness for each breath rules or desperation divides. To love God is to pursue the ways of His Word. Our goal is heavenly bliss in His presence. It is through our belief in Christ that we obtain the name of sons in God, His children. FONT SIZE=1>

Inheritance is a result of actions in life. Full or empty expresses a soulís quantifiable spirit accumulations; good with bad. To be in Godís service is to extend gracious behavior to those in our lives. Faith in Jesus puts one a step ahead of the human condition, where death divides lies from truth. Holy bound, heaven is the clear sight ahead.

HeartsSeek https://youtu.be/iHnULVV2r7Y
Ecclesiastes 1:13. All seek something. It is a laborious effort to achieve wisdom in the truth of Godís own excellence. Upon the endless spirals of time, it can be a trial of hardship as experience can be a unkind razor. God speaks to us all with the gift of life. What we seek, either below or above, defines our spirit and soul destination. Life is dark or light, a choice one makes.

DeadBonesComeAlive https://youtu.be/nQsCvpTOTJs
Ezekiel 37:3, Daniel 3:25. In the divide between God and man, God asks if we will come to Him in the light of His truth. The death of true faith comes by the false practices of man justifying evil and the pleasures of the flesh. Godís call is to have a higher ear where true freedom of life prevails. To trust and depend upon His Word delivers comfort in times of tribulation. God calls to all mortals to become part of His family. To seek God is to live with God.

Unity under One God verses divided worship is what God sees. "Son of man" occurs 106 times In the Old Testament, and 84 times in the New Testament. He wants humans to come to Him, not to a man or woman. God wills we hear over remaining deaf. Our captivity from true freedom is where the lower callings of flesh hinder those higher calls from Godís own nobility above. His Word is written with purpose for us to know Him.

SonsOfGod https://youtu.be/YOCp3XeyTBI
Luke 1:35, Luke20:34-36, John1:12-13, Romans 9:8, Matthew 5:9. Godís power comes to us by His Holy Spirit displayed through Christ. Sons of God, also called sons of the resurrection, find life through Godís own womb of truth. His promise comes to those born in Him who call on His name, believe in His Word. Belief in action is key to unlocking the door to eternity. God wills that we find peace under His cover of truth in Grace. Peace is where love swells.

ChildrenOfGod https://youtu.be/h4b1d8-n-_I
John 10:33-38, Psalms 82:6, 1st John 3:2, John 1:4, Ephesians 5:8, Romans 8:14-19, 1st John 3:1. As God proclaims "You are gods;" it is for our power to judge and execute punishment. Created in His image we have these absolute characteristics of the Almighty. To find the highest quality of self, one must see God in self, both inward and outward, as His creation. God wants us to see the light of life is given by His love for us to become on our own. We bear witness of ourselves, and what leads us will judge us in His presence. Without practicing righteousness with a loving heart will condemn all those who fall away from this call. To be of God or not of God.

GodsHeavenIsOurHome https://youtu.be/qX3sIRd6kQs
Philippians 3:20-21, Hebrews 13:14, John 14:2-3. Confession is made of the mouth and in the heart, that we believe in Him, who is able to lift us into the bliss of His love. Confession is the ladder to a better character. Accepting forgiveness in sheer thankfulness. We seek something that cannot be bought, but has been purchased; redemption from death through the sacrifice of Christ. Our hope comes to light in the Word delivered for us to know. Built by God, our home is established in His heavenly city (abode), in His presence, prepared by Christ Himself.

TunnelOfDeath https://youtu.be/KGbMUWF8TiQ
Psalms 23:4. God in all His glory is the protection in the face of overwhelming evil. Are we able to endure the fires of pain and suffering to stand in His light? Is joy deeper than despair? He is the rewarding strength when we are too weak to hold ourselves up. It is God that brings fearlessness to the heart. Faith in His power endures all afflictions. Godís drawing light never fades.

GodsFishingHook https://youtu.be/ijBeNkskBgs
Romans 5:3-5. It is never a mistake to repeatedly review important scriptures. Hope leads us through all suffering in view of His promise of love. Doesn't hope often passionately burn upon oneís heart in seeking? Without hope the light of the heart dims and can dangerously fade into oblivion. It is Godís garden, and He is cultivating life to live eternally with Him. Mortal suffering nurtures deepening endurance, developing character, purifying unyielding hope, and this is Godís fishing hook.

ChristianVirtues https://youtu.be/tQDbkUl9zHo
2nd Peter 1:5-7. Qualities of godly excellence takes a focused mind and spirit. An ongoing incorporation of all these character attributes is what I call the holy halo of spirit. All these qualities develop simultaneously, to stimulate the life of spirit in the deepening of a soul. Knowledge is key to understanding where the best that we can be resides. His Word is the key to unlocking unending treasures.

JustifiedByFaith https://youtu.be/kGw-v82KBF4
Romans 5:1-2. We come to God in believing in His gift of life, and that this life to eternity flows through Jesus Christ. Desire to live and be saved from the temporal condition yields hope. Faith can be a matter of choice, and either one is led by deception or truth. His river of life has no obscurity or contradictions in the promises given. As evidenced by our existence, Grace showers upon all who embrace it or not. True Faith comes directly to God, and not through the material idols of creation or mortal doctrines seeking domination over the meek and ignorant. Worship is derived from the depths of a heart, and not through any particles of substance. Fools march in a dead square while the faithful rise to heaven itself. We are justified by what cannot be seen, yet believed in more than all the concoctions of man.

* The Old Testament had 613 laws the Hebrews were called to observe.

WhatCondemns https://youtu.be/KI7G9aLxsq8
2nd Peter 2:9-11. For those that show no regard, for authority, invite their own demise. God delivers those that pray for an escape from evil, who possess a steadfast patience, and love for Him. It is not an easy path to remain good surrounded by the vortexes of evilís revelry. True Christians suffer as Lot did in Sodom and Gomorrah. We wait for our awakening at our Masterís feet. In view of all humble angles, what humans go away justified, the accuser or the repenter? One side is discarded, while the ladder is redeemed.

LightOfLife https://youtu.be/H0QBfvW02Hc
Ephesians 2:4-7, Hebrews 5:9, Hebrews 12:2, Revelation 3:20, John 8:12. In the storm of life, is our foundation of heart Christ? Something greater than self? Do we see the gift of spirit given openly by God Almighty, the Lord of Hosts? In Godís great love He sent forth His own Son so that we may have the salvation of our souls. To awake us to the truth. To depend on life more than death. He knocks and the door to His house is the light home. Faith extends beyond perception, yet it has the greatest impact in living. True faith pleases God. Love is the root of peace. The gift of life in eternal light has no end.

GreatLight https://youtu.be/F9mOwqS-KZ0
Matthew 4:16, John 1:17, John 14:6, John 14:27, 2nd Corinthians 5:18. The corruption of man victimizes the meek, and those who follow in the death of spirit. Anger and hate destroys the light of love which delivers peace. Only faith in the light of God retrieves a heart from the evils of mankind. Truly, spirits that obtain the emancipation faith embeds are free of the mundane sinking dread, of a lightless heart. Bitter hearts steal the light and dampen the innocence that gives joy wings.

BelieveInGod https://youtu.be/dGK6Aci2v-E
2nd Corinthians 4:6, John 12:44-46. All hearts seek for one thing or another. To recognize the source of oneís thankfulness is what one glorifies. Glorifying the light or darkness defines the results of how one lives, in peace or turmoil. To ignore the wisdom, through knowledge, delivered by Godís Word, dampens the soul. It is belief that eventually finds God over the delusions of temporary man. Jesus Himself proclaimed, above all, to believe in God Almighty eternal.

LightShines https://youtu.be/jExUQZdDz4E
John 1:5, John 3:19-21, Luke 11:33, Deuteronomy 30:19, Matthew 5:16 The dichotomy between darkness and light is derived from hate over love. All is clearly seen by the justice of God. Faith in Godís justice keeps a moral compass for believers while a seared heart drives injustice past decency. Truth outshines the darkness of hate. Without applying goodness over callous desires condemns the soul. Either oneís legacy shines or devours. Light lifts over the anchors of darkness.

LightsLeadership https://youtu.be/8NzUiHyvP4Y
Matthew 6:22-23, 2nd Samuel 23:3-5, Romans 13:12-14. The power of life is found in the light of being. Truth remains in the light, where deceptive shadows sink through darkness. True leaders have spirits regarding God, and genuine care to lift those other spirits shared in their lives. True leaders seek solutions binding spirit, where a compulsive blaming heart lacks the ability to find unity. As joy is the opposite of dread, so is a true leader to a small minded selfish schmuck. All are called to be leaders.

TheArk https://youtu.be/tosmzWXysJI
Psalms 43:3, Leviticus 16:2, Hebrews 9:3-5, 2nd Samuel 6:2, 2nd Kings 19:15. God gives us an example of the divine nature of life in the eternal light. The glimmer of hope for love in the whites of eyes. God Himself shone upon the earth between the cherubim above the mercy seat on the Ark. The eye of His mercy in the deliverance of His grace. Just a glimpse of beyond anything quantifiable, regarded as holiest, His presence was housed in a temple, guarded in what was considered as in the deepest of what should be protected, behind the veil. An example for the life our bodies hold. Clearly, where life resides should be treasured as precious. Murder is the lack of regard for Godís message to live. Murder is a habit of man, not God, whose call is, again, to live. The shame is man fails man.

GodsDwelling https://youtu.be/N4L9iJmr1CY
Isaiah 8:18, Isaiah 2:3, Psalms 135:21. The Word of God came forth by His own will, and place of choosing. As His soul personally touched mortals of the past, His decision was to come to us by way of Mount Zion, from Jerusalem. Found in His earthly presence is a departure, so if man becomes disloyal, for His called out for moral behavior, a severance from God occurs. For the light of life to remain, the heart of a soul must regard Godís Word or submit to a fate without Him. God dwells with those who dwell with Him.

GodDesiresToTouchUs https://youtu.be/sNbAA3zGsWE
2nd Chronicles 6:18-19, Isaiah 66:1-2, Acts 7:47-51, Acts 7:53. The truth of it is that God encompasses more than can be known or imagined. Through His will, His message is to converse with Him through prayer. He cares. Where there is open seeking wise hearts, goodness is intrinsic to His creation, and displayed and practiced by those responding to the higher calling, of this essential spirit, conscience seeks to do the best of oneís ability. Unfortunately, many turn from the truth of creation choosing selfish pits of destruction where loss is greatest; loneliness with no allies. The heart of God dwells in each of us. Return to Him and He will return to you.

GodAbandonsUnfaithful https://youtu.be/Sl7XTVmJk20
2nd Kings 25:8-9, 2nd Kings 25:14-15, Lamentations 5:18, Isaiah 5:13, Jeremiah 8:6. Hosea 4:6. Taken from the unfaithful is Godís own presence. Riches turn to destitution without appreciation. Honor evaporates mired in all that is contemptable. Knowledge has no basis in truth and paranoia drives anxiety to the brink with hearts of contempt. Where respect for decent common sense is absent, cruelty rules. Without God there is no peace.

GodsPersistenceToRemainBeforeUs https://youtu.be/v9c6hfPSCE0
Ezra 5:15, Zechariah 8:3, Joel 2:32, Micah 4:2, Psalms 119:105, Proverbs 6:23, Joel 3:17, Ephesians 3:6, Hebrews 8:10, 1st Peter 3:18, Micah 4:7. God has not abandoned His creation in us. His kingdom frees those souls finding His given truths for living. Truth is rarely welcomed where corruption has embedded itself. His Word offers deliverance when His call is heard. As an arrow to heaven, light in life is His enduring promise through Christ.

TrustThatIsSeen https://youtu.be/HkDmLsVZjTs
Psalms 125:1, 1st John 4:15-16, Proverbs 12:2-3, Psalms 62:5-7, Colossians 1:23, Matthew 5:14-16, Ephesians 2:10. Safe application normally comes after experience ratifies the considered reality. Mistakes often precede wisdom. God instructs us through His presence to remain sure in faith, though direct sight is unavailable. Faith and trust go hand in hand. San Francisco is present even though one may be in London. Reality is that it is, and we all trust in life as we awake to the day. As His inner light of life is, so is ours as gifted by Him. Mount Zion exposed the higher truth of an unwaveringly presence of inner dwelling, of lifeís truth in light. Conscience is the relief given to heal character to hold a presence of greater goodness. To dismiss the sanctity of life is to violate Godís own call to live.

WaitingForAHeavenlyHome https://youtu.be/OVsuy0S4XxY
Hebrews 11:10, Hebrews 13:14, Hebrews 11:6, Hebrews 11:16. What one values exposes the presence of a heart. What one is willing to wait for defines desires held. Thought can be either dark or light as the mind ponders through the moments of time. There is good and bad. Failure of character is found in the inability to wait. It is the divide between a humble or arrogant presence. Knowledge without wisdom plagues the immature; a battle for all. A valid question is what one hopes for. Undeniably, as materially bound, in the flesh, all wait for the future as it arrives. Human vision is either infinite or finite, of spirit or flesh.

To wait for eternity enlarges the soul while those finitely inclined can lead to the despair of not having. Peace is bound in the comfort of Godís promise to retrieve the dedicated faithful beyond all skeptics, and angry judgmental fools. A glorious home awaits for the spiritually patient while all greedy thieving liars are confined to the corridors of misery. Judgmentís reward lies ahead, be it life or death.

EntranceToHeaven https://youtu.be/0hqpQX_KDB0
Hebrews 12:22-24, Revelation 21:2-3, 2nd Corinthians 5:7. Our entrance into heavenís magnificence has been described and revealed to us through Godís Word. In the face of innumerable Angels, a heavenly abode beyond description is said to descend upon all those ascending. Called by numerous names, all synonymous to each other, the city of the living God, a holy city called New Jerusalem, Mount Zion, Godís own tabernacle of endless presence, we wait for what God has already prepared, His sanctuary of truth. Permanence is when we visibly dwell with Godís own life light, forever, as His caring sustains us. Visible eternal thankfulness.

BlessingsOfHeaven https://youtu.be/2wJzxtBS-Ks
John 14:2-3, Hebrews 9:24, Revelation 21:4. What has occurred on earth in time is the finite shadow, to show us the infinite truth of Godís eternal presence before each one of us. The sky reveals unimaginable wonders. His great desire is for each of us to find Him with healed thankful hearts, in that deepest tabernacle of self, where love finds peace. The message is clear, be that I am with the light of life. We wait for that which now is only shadows of what is real to come.

WhileInTheDarkness https://youtu.be/Oq6lqSvcNFU
Philippians 2:14-16, 1st Peter 2:9, 2nd Corinthians 13:5, Revelation 1:5, Hebrews 11:16, Titus 2:14, Acts 26:18. A challenge for all is enduring the corruption mortal living presents. To exercise self-control and compassion over anger and resentment. The call is to become more godly with thankfulness, more often than not. To come out of the darkness is to hold fast to His Word of life. It is a choice to follow the darkness or turn to the light.

SpiritualSacrifices https://youtu.be/Iq6pt-DxFfU
1st Peter 2:5, Hebrews 11:4, Hebrews 13:15-16, Mathew 9:13, Ephesians 5:2. All God fearing souls are called to offer up spiritual sacrifices. As creations from the dust, what is acceptable to God through Christ is righteousness, praise to God, to do good and to share, to show mercy and keep love. To live is found in adhering to these principles of integrity and honesty. To hate and seek revenge while cursing has no honor with God.

PassingOfFlesh https://youtu.be/M76JV90X1Uk
2nd Corinthians 5:1-2, 2nd Corinthians 5:4-5, Romans 8:9. These bodies of the flesh, tents or vessels housing our lives, seek a life beyond that of the earth. As in nature, life reaches up for the light. Confidence in heavenís promise only strengthens a soul. Up is better than down. Knowing is one step above hoping. As life carries the groans of living, our hope is realized through the promise, and gift, of the Holy Spirit. To accept the Spirit of Christ is to dwell with God himself. To pass from the death of flesh, one must realize the spirit of life.

DwellingInTheTempleOfGod https://youtu.be/QjZk9L3aEOQ
1st Corinthians 3:16-17, 2nd Corinthians 6:16, 1st Peter 1:16, Psalms 15:1-3, Proverbs 4:18, 1st John 3:2, Ephesians 5:8, Ephesians 5:14. Everywhere the world is in turmoil. To remain enmeshed in controversies of man, over the worship of God, seriously weakens the unity of peaceful societies. To remain sleeping in the darkness of lusting liars sinks all meek seeking souls. When sexual promiscuity is accepted as normal, it destroys loyal decent respectful hearts. Godís Word is intended to establish confident true trustworthy souls. Excellent over despicable. Hope inspires as a return to Godís own truths in the light. Faith is the light in the house of emancipated hearts.

As promised by Jesus the Christ, He has a sanctuary prepared for each bound to be received in Heaven. Clues to this truth have been unveiled by the glimpse to His unending presence shown in His holy mountain called Zion (copy of the true). Bliss will replace all agonies when hope reigns supreme. The shadows fade as His brilliance shines forth. This is the truth of God that supersedes all faux constructions of mankind. God calls us directly to His light with our light in heart.

As Godís glory has been revealed, each of us houses the gift of life given. As such, we are custodians of this sacred temple of life light. By disregarding the call to be holy is in defiance of the noble qualities His truth has delivered and commanded of His children. To climb to the light is to believe in the transformation to come where we will be as He is, bathed in eternal light. As we rise from the darkness, death is consumed in the life He freely gives, as a call to awake; remaining in faith. Polish comes by effort applied to shine.

StandInFaith https://youtu.be/ABBPHpVSrdg
Romans 5:1-2. Faith has the strength of confidence. When one rejoices in hope, one has access to being justified by faith, especially in Christ, holding peace with God for His grace. Excitement in the pursuit of truth holds the zeal of living.

WhatIsFair https://youtu.be/zNf4Bf7k_9Q
Revelation 16:15, John 12:35, Psalms 119:155, Ezekiel 18:25, Mark 16:15-16. Each will meet the shock of judgment. The wicked will be left behind to the fate of their own making. No amount of blaming God can rectify the certain atrocities of man against man. It is truth that establishes what is fair. God asks us to go forward with our faith, in belief. To not believe in God and His Word leaves one condemned.

IdolsDeceive https://youtu.be/jHYTEKOrAL0
Psalms 135:15-18, Habakkuk 2:19, Hosea 13:2. Idols are those physical things we desire to the point of worship. It can be stealthy as passionate desire can be the great deceiver. Money and the glitter can draw surrender to the irrational. Peace is lost when misplaced. Common sense is discarded when dead objects of creation are called to live or have the direction to lead. Emotions blow where the cold has no answer. Mankind does not have the power to generate spontaneous life from inorganic substance. Fools circle dead rocks believing in the material over the infinite creator that is higher and deeper than all. Opinions can lead to abandonment of the true God if in error. People reject other people if they do not believe the way they do. Zealous expectations of others, in cases, denies flaws in the self. Where is trust in God when it retreats to the shadows of dead objects? Talent and expertise is not a casual given gift, and it can be abused if exalted to itself in pursuits of what is unjust. Worship this or that, and of extensionally, "me." Trusting in monuments leads to misfired missiles. Thankfulness for being created is a higher spiritual quality, rather than taking egotistical credit for being the creator. Worship and sensibility comes by loving and wanting that which is greater than can be imagined, where basic need is met; life in the light.

ForgettingGod https://youtu.be/70bxBIv5Ra0
2nd Kings 17:29, Psalms 44:20-21, Jeremiah 17:5. When societies elevate worship to physical objects, calamity is the only outcome. Wars and mistrust lead to the death of life where one gives heart to a lie. Land or statues, division is not unity. Godís will is for all to live! Godís of old, be they Egyptian, Greek, or Roman loose importance in their silence. Forgetfulness is a natural human condition. It is the moment in love that has precedence over ignorance and or judgment over condemning others. Wonder over suspicion is what drives all that is close. Who or what do we love? What does one give heart to? Do we seek? Lies come from man where God waits to see if we are or not deceived. To independently think, or so called accidently follow, defines all that could be genuine or not. Fake or real? Change or unchangeable, gullible or just foolish hinges upon us all. Not knowing is part of mortal living. All in time stand alone, and need to see for their own, or are yes called to be. To believe or not is a quest of heart. Rejoice or despair. God has called, though we mispronounce His name, be it Yahweh, Jehovah, the essential remains, The LORD of Hosts. No other but One can be the creator of all. God declares us, we do not declare God. To establish truth in the light, it cannot be denied God is patiently all seeing. He knows if one regards Him or not. What does one consider always and forever? Light or darkness? Reference of heart? To ignore is to depart. Truth can not be separated when it comes to blessing or cursing, as light reigns over dustís decay. To forget God is to forget why there is life. Time is the test of enduring spirit. Choice is the gift of freedom.

GodRevealsTruth https://youtu.be/tCWJWw_1TYU
Deuteronomy 10:12-14, Jeremiah 10:12-15. God has not hidden Himself from us. It is clear He wants us to come to Him for our own good. He has announced His power in creation. His desire is we rejoice in life, and do not fall for the deceptions man promotes. What is dead is dead and should not be a source of hope or destiny of what is to become. Many are led by hoaxes, and it unfortunately seems to be a deceptive favorite of man. To be without God is to miss the greatest part of life. The acceptance of life given by Him, simply.

LiveNotDie https://youtu.be/9C9-LjAyvww
Ezekiel 18:31-32, Ezekiel 33:11. God asks why we would choose to die. He declares we live by turning to His ways. To cast off bad habits, and be inspired with a heart of spirit in Him, achieves the best one can be. As He declares life in Himself, we should hear His call to turn from evil and or wicked ways. What is impossible is to deny is each will reap what is sown.

Return https://youtu.be/Od-SiRZD7OA
Malachi 3:7, Ezekiel 14:6, Colossians 3:5-10. Ignorance is one thing, yet denial is another. To reject what is known can be dangerous, when choosing to travel life, without guidance or the insight of wisdomís truth. Some choose to be purposely oblivious rather pursuing abominations. Abominations include those things declared such as disobedience toward goodness; evil desires, anger, wrath, malice, etc., and covetousness, which most have battled with at one time or another. The battle for self-control is ongoing. The call of God is to come to know His image, of who created us, for a better understanding of who we are. To return in belief of God is to find that deeper sense of self. Standing on faith cures the mortal to immortality.

OfTheHeart https://youtu.be/y4KBHWXuIvk
Proverbs 4:23, Proverbs 12:25, Philippians 4:6-7. Many seek to live a life of contentment. The issues of challenges from within and without conflict with this optimal goal. Interference comes when self-control lacks cognitive control, and desperation wreaks upon a heart. Grief often can not be avoided, however, compassion and a soft heart comes by loving what one has through thankful abilities. It is true, focusing on the positive creates a sort of immunity to the chasms of earthly despairs. Time is limited, so to see what is beautiful, one must prioritize what takes precedence over the offensive to maintain the best sense of sanity.

LifeIsAMeal https://youtu.be/UKHicY7-rxc
Proverbs 17:22, 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18, Philippians 4:4, Proverbs 15:13-15. To gain a merry heart one must apply those principles given to us through scripture. Scripture is the best medical survival manual in healing the spirit of a soul. Prayer is so essential in submitting to a higher power, and then giving thanks for this avenue of eternal communion. If genuine peace is oneís desire, the core of deepest depth has to maintain hope in hearing the call of God. Seeking knowledge to renew consciousness is fundamental, over those who choose ignoranceís escape, oblivionís apathy, and disregard of anything hopeful concerning a higher gaining strength. A merry heart comes to the strong willed while the weak just struggle to survive in the quagmire of decay. What we contemplate or digest upon is what we become.

ToFindGodIsToTalkToGod https://youtu.be/oc8zNFSesSQ
Psalms 139:23-24, 1st Thessalonians 4:1-2, Romans 5:8. One must ask for Godís assistance if truly an honest relationship is to result. Desire to find His truths for life are found in the words He has delivered. To find God, one cannot hide from God. Our nakedness in His face should inquire for a better path of integrity, and uprightness, in view of any and all previous failings. It is the most personal one can be. In our continual fight, or blind surrender, the destination is determined, up or down can be applied here. Oblivion or recovery is the state one chooses to be in. In the Word of God, all should know how to conduct oneís life, to endure this long razor of living in the flowers of His creation. Relying on Jesus Christ is an inheritance of comfort in the light.

HowToSanctifyAHeart https://youtu.be/kfAwtcKXql8
1st Thessalonians 4:3-5, Hebrews 12:14, Titus 3:8, Ephesians 4:22, 1st Corinthians 7:9. The message is clear to maintain a pure heart. To be honest in control of oneís desires without schemes to dominate or overtake the vulnerable for personal gain is where the just reside. To gain peace, caution must be employed over impulses of lust and excessive passions. God does not favor foolish outbursts. Satisfaction comes to the honorable in spirit, and soul, while excessive passions and lust leads to deception and confusion on all corners. Strength is found when honoring others.

GodConsidersEachOnesFreedom https://youtu.be/0UjM88mXQzI
Psalms 33:13-15, Psalms 14:1-2. As life is given as an autonomous event, it maintains individual paths. For the sentient, choices made define either those who seek to enhance and further true knowledge, or, those cold hearts kindling their fires of greed and destruction without conscience mired in lies. The pit of darkness has no bottom. God sees clearly the transparency of all that is in the height of light, and the bowels of consuming darkness.

TreasureComesFromPursuingUnderstanding https://youtu.be/5zr4zS1_niA
Proverbs 2:1-2, Proverbs 23:12, Psalms 90:12. One cannot truly appreciate treasure without receiving it. Desire comes by what can be imagined or known. Knowing is key to seeing what lies on the horizon. By applying oneís heart to the truths that radiate from His Word is what makes purpose most real, in timeís moment. To hear His knowledge, with purposeful instructions, clears the way to cherish and embrace truthís wisdom. When loyally employed, for these people or called out saints, even the angels wage a wall of protection against the approaching furies of evil.

DepositsOfHeart https://youtu.be/FwItFdMJ2rg
Psalms 51:10 ,Psalms 86:11, 2nd Corinthians 4:6. What one decides to love or not defines the nature of identity. If God is the quest, oneís heart has to accept His truth, and then unite it in conduct, in all best possible ways. It has continuously been an upward hill battle from the womb to grave. Application, and doing, has always been the end over just knowing. Many know and do not do, either for lazinessí procrastination or just callous disregard of thought. Presence; it is an account of gaining more depth of character, or withdrawing from decency. To recognize God is to know we need His teachings, and in this desire, one asks for clarity of thought, concerning truth. Glory shines in the light of His heavenly sent truths through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Heaven help each one of us from the sorrows of man. To remain purposely oblivious, or to bow, in coming to oneís knees before Him, defines a genuine heart over an uncaring indifferent one. Deposits of heart are made either in a downward superior arrogance or in an upward deep humble release.

AllMayAttainTheRichesOfHisTruth https://youtu.be/W3b-C07o4Hg
Ephesians 3:14-19, Colossians 2:2-3. It is God the Father who has proclaimed love as the root to all glory. It is written that we may understand this fullness past all knowledge, in the heat of life, and should aspire to obtain these highest of truths. Love is the answer. To comprehend this love one must see the sacrifice of Christ as Godís desire for our return. The commonality of His message surpasses all mediums and ages, in time, for itsí tender sweet nurturing call. All of space is a mere coin fading from the glory of heavenís eternal abode of flourishing life.

ThoughUnseeableVisionGivesSight https://youtu.be/Snx3P3g6Y80
Ecclesiastes 3:11, Exodus 33:20, Job 26:7, Psalms 147:5, Isaiah 40:28, Hebrews 4:13, Deuteronomy 5:24, Matthew 5:8, 1st Chronicles 28:9. Eternity is the realm of God. It is by His will existence has come to be for His purpose of giving love. While no one can fully appreciate the vastness of His glory, He has displayed for us His generous qualities in stretching out creation, expressing His domain in unsearchable terms, declaring His all seeing vision, and His care to speak with man on an individual basis. To accept His love is to see God.

GodsGiftMinglesInAnInnocentHeart https://youtu.be/lVmz6XN0gME
Jeremiah 24:7, Acts 15:8-9, Matthew 18:3. To know God is to see God in the heart of all hearts. Although His enormity surpasses all comprehension, His attributes are clearly seen. Waterfallís to clinging flowers, His gift of the Holy Spirit for forgiveness of sins by faith exposes His love for our return. It is by an unassuming innocent heart that the wings of life are set free.

InsideTheHeartMatters https://youtu.be/7l3je7jxn9k
1st Samuel 16:7, Proverbs 16:1-5, Proverbs 20:27, Zechariah 12:1, Job 33:4, Ecclesiastes 12:6, Isaiah 42:5. God sees each for the heart that they are. While the thoughts and desires of a soul are uniquely owned by a soul, the Lord will evaluate, as He will, as to the appropriateness of conduct. His kingdom is prepared as He wills, and those that reject His favor will go the way of discard. The spirit is given to sustain life in a soul, and to acknowledge that it is God who has given this is a gauge of belief. Without belief, there is no faith. Trust is the highest form of faith.

WithoutGodThereIsNoUnderstanding https://youtu.be/_ElCDk9cilY
Proverbs 20:24, Proverbs 21:2, Proverbs 16:25, Proverbs 19:21, Proverbs 28:25-26, Proverbs 3:5-7. There is a way to live to the fullest of living. The way is given by God. To receive the prize of eternal life, one must surrender to the council of God. By this, judgment comes in the form of mutual acceptance or harsh rejection, by God Himself, through the judgment seat of Christ, where all knees will bow. Arrogance defies Godís call for humble patient hearts. He calls for wisdom over self-assuredness without understanding. As all die foolishly, it is character that either defines trust in God or self, where judgment will conclude.

TimeTestsPatienceOfHeart https://youtu.be/IFvbIOV928o
Proverbs 16:9, Ecclesiastes 7:29, Psalms 37:23, Jeremiah 10:23, 2nd Thessalonians 3:5, James 5:8. The way of God does not change, even though mankind inappropriately alters its "noble" methods. His Word has been given purposefully for us to know how to become, and what to expect. Goodness comes by following Godís ways, curtailing the wicked schemingís of man. The ability to direct oneís self arises by the Lordís call to love, and into the patience of His salvation plan. Patience is derived from peace in the comfort of timeless moments. Allowing God to rule in our heart gives us this.

MirrorOfHeartReflectsTreasure https://youtu.be/0_deIrAV0v0
Proverbs 27:19, Matthew 12:35-37. Revealed upon the mirror of time is those actions of heart. There is goodness for goodnessí sake, while evil brings forth all kinds of commotions. The vibrations of reality are permanently etched upon the opening of timeís space. It is by our words we will be justified or condemned. The word is, to be prudently cautious with the fear of God, especially while in the security of our own private confines. Each of us holds the best and worst of who we are. Treasure is where our hopes reside.

AbundanceOfHeart https://youtu.be/z5_YPQD3fxc
Luke 6:45, 2nd Corinthians 9:7. Well said, that out of the abundance of heart comes forth good or evil. Goodness desires improvement of abilities in the strength of loving, while carefully listening to others. The flip side of the coin includes obstinate selfish desires in the weakness of hate and or jealousy, where sorrow pierces a heart. Not all listen to the inside, rather only hearing the outside noise. The spirit of a soul is found in joyfully giving, or, mired in the contempt of disgust. To find favor with God, one must maintain thankfulness for the unique gifts given to each. Listening to oneís heart is the best way to rise to the occasion and find inner truth.

WashedByFlowingTruths https://youtu.be/qQ-lYsh1LlI
Hebrews 10:22, John 7:38, Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:34, 1st Peter 3:3-4. Faith is not a question but a belief. To be sure of His healing power drives away those evil thoughts of a past day. With the zeal of confidence, good works bless both self and all those in the radius of life. As rain refreshes the land, so too must one come to Godís truth to find genuine growth.

ArroganceDeniesCalmWisdom https://youtu.be/sb-E2Femvls
2nd Corinthians 5:12. Many take the approach of being superior to others. This is often done without any consideration or empathy for the others present. Cock-sure confidence often boasts upon itself with an empty heart for real truth. Blind confidence lacks the vision to truly comprehend. The greatest mouth can have the most shallow of hearts.

FromTheInsideTruthIsFound https://youtu.be/4E3ZCmAQvk4
2nd Corinthians 10:7, 1st Corinthians 3:23, Romans 14:8, 2nd Corinthians 4:16. In considering God, one must acknowledge all are in Him, no matter race, gender, or declared alteration. Some play the outward game or delusion of being on the inside of His salvation arrangement. Mankind does not define the order of God, God does. We are instructed to examine our own motives and desires. God looks for acceptance of His truth in Christ. To live or to die, both are in the confines of Godís creation, and as such, we needfully require that inner refreshment of His truths, to gain an emancipated life.

FaithHoldsTheRewardOfGrace https://youtu.be/Dr1hDTi7g-w
Galatians 6:9, Galatians 4:6, Romans 5:1-2. To endure in oneís faith defines what one considers real. There is the call to be steadfast. Belief in God through Christ can be a wearisome event, in the face of worldliness, and flourishing false doctrines. It is a call to have faith in God, not man. For the faithful bound in spirit and truth, peace comes by our access into His grace through Jesus Christ. This is the hope that defines true faith.

HopeIsTheRope https://youtu.be/Y3_kQeK12DE
Romans 5:3-5, Proverbs 13:12. Hope is for that which has not yet become. Hardship often seasons a soul, heightening or razor sharpening character through those hard knocks, or simply, lifeís byproduct imposing wisdom. You donít put your hand on a hot stove. Wisdom comes by familiarity. Familiarity with hope sustains a heart. Without hope, the avalanche of living can be more than suffocating. Hope comforts oneís life or heart with the courage to wait. Having patience or not, defines the depth of character.

TrustPowersFaith https://youtu.be/5leKT7HQzyg
Psalms 31:24, Psalms 27:14, Psalms 62:8, Psalms 33:21, Psalms 13:5, Hebrews 3:12-15. Trust is a shelter in what one considers sure. Trust brings an exuberance of rejoicing for the belief itself, without measure. Most, if not all, trust in the concept of Now. Now is where one believes. Godís mercy is a consideration of heart. Unbelief lacks trust in God. For those that fall away from hope, they are left in the chasm of hopelessness or just remain purposely oblivious. Hardened hearts reject the shine of His light where souls are set free to live to their highest potential.

LoyalFaithEstablishesAHeart https://youtu.be/kktssfvxfKU
1st Kings 8:61, 2nd Thessalonians 2:16-17, 1st Peter 3:15. Belief has always been a matter of choice. Preferably, the choice is to pursue the truth of God, and not the easily crafted deceptions of man. God has made His call for decency and mercy clear for all those in His creation. To know God is not necessarily the same as obeying God. Even the demons believe and tremble. So to incorporate His statutes in oneís life is a developing exercise in achieving a spirit of upward bound good works. He has given all we need to know. To know what He has given allows one to have confidence in the truth that He is. It is a call to loyally pursue good actions under the fear of His ultimate and awesome judgment.

LoveIsGiving https://youtu.be/ZOFCl99PboQ
1st John 3:16-21. Sacrifice or simply caring for others outside of self is where the expression of expanding love is. Self-centered love often surrounds selfishness and greed with the byproduct of anxious desperation. These latter souls are often absent of possessing a truthful social balance, more imploding on self-inflicted sorrows. The inability to give of self inhibits the natural growth of a secure and peaceful spirit. Guilt is consciousness of the remorseful for taking more than giving. God wills that we shed the condemning of ourselves, pursuing confidence, consumed more by good deeds in truth. To be set free of inner turmoil, the door opens when God is made the master. Dark hearts awake to His light. His forgiveness allows one to move past previous mistakes, and stand in the light of decency, righteousness, and true love for others, as well as justified appreciated humble self-love. To rise beyond the guilt of oneís past, confidence in God brings us there.

GodsWordCutsToTheTruth https://youtu.be/S1WLeNbNb5Q
Hebrews 4:12-13, Luke 8:11-15, Matthew 13:38. Words often confuse and distort clarity in the battle to understand truth. His Word unambiguously speaks. On the ladder of beating hearts, all hear His Word with varying responses. Many dismiss His truths; shallow hearts succumb to fleshly temptations. There are those that choose to forget right over wrong, mired in worldly self-seeking. It is said His Word is the seed, and the world is the field. For the Godly, noble patience is employed while keeping to the intent of His Word. Names either carry shame or stand clear upon the wind of time. In the garden of God, care is required to blossom.

TrueWisdomHoldsNoBitterness https://youtu.be/6uPf9IEQ9fY
James 3:14-18, Proverbs 14:30. How many have said, "If only things were different?" Many are unable to lift away from habitual sins. Liars fill the corners of time raging upon the innocent. False wisdom declares and honors the lie, whatever the color of gray. Envious self-seekers ride upon the needles of confusion and certain desperation. True wisdom has no need to hide behind the shades of darkness. Real wisdom holds all the colors of truth, purely. Peace abounds yielding impartially with mercy, for those less fortunate and deceived, where upward godly seekers are able to flourish. The Spiritís call is, "Come." The land of the free has always been synonymous with truths endowed by Godís Word. Freedom has no tangible meaning where the demonic rule over the meek. Freedom comes to those hearts who surrender to God in all that He is. Darkness has no power over His light.

MemoryIsTheRiverLeadingToIdentity https://youtu.be/G2GFOBgg6SM
Proverbs 4:4, 2nd Timothy 2:22-26. What we remember declares what is most important to us. This can be either a blessing or a curse, depending upon circumstances and situations that cascade upon individual lives. Thinking drives the spirit, and maturity of thought comes by those that generate independence over the blind domination of youthful ignorance and lust. Following the ditch digger is being led into deception. Does one pursue truth of the lie? Learning involves being taught. Knowing comes by what we are exposed to or choices made concerning personal interest. Coming to your senses commonly refers to arriving at a better stance in understanding. All should become teachers. Insecurity lacks qualities of character, involving bondage to past baggage left undone, uncut miseries, from those that rather rise to overcome. Best completeness comes to those of acquired and honestly developed memory, who can be true teachers, who hold the music of truth; this is what makes souls strong and leads minds to be free. No one easily remembers lies, but truth flows forever unimpeded in plain sight. Only truth may deliver freedom of what must be done to rise above the confines of mere mortality. Eternity calls to an unquenchable thirst to live and love. God remains waiting for our awakening. In the storm of time, God calls.

PureHeartsRuleOverSin https://youtu.be/ezADAWpTTQo
Genesis 4:7, James 4:7-8, 1st Peter 1:22-25. Sin has the lure of a baited fish hook. His Word declares we overcome and rule over reckless desires, to achieve calm wisdom. As windshield wipers clear the rain ahead, so too must a heart drive those evils away from thought. Righteous mature spirits remain steadfast in God, and goodness, without changing upon every wind that blows. Loyal hearts are true hearts. Direction is the nature of what one chooses. Rising back to God has that born again epiphany. Love is the root to all. Love is the air that gives life. Truly, when we can say, "We care for one another," unity is at its brightest.

LoveDrivesSincereFaith https://youtu.be/yR-Jj64T_6E
John 13:34-35, 1st Timothy 1:5-7. Love is Godís deepest nature. As He is, we are creations in His image, to reflect this most genuine of qualities. "If" has always been used when wishing upon hope. "If Ė then" is the physics of time. If we are right with God, we have love for one another. The all-encompassing Word of God is meant to deliver one to loving from a pure heart, with a clean conscience, driven by a true sincere faith. Many skew from His teachings introducing false commands or delusions in order to feast upon the ignorant, and simple minded. Fear and greed are the tools of a deceiver. Torments drive love away. Arrogant bigots fill the allies of hate. The book has many pieces, and what fills itsí pages tells the story of a lifeís endurance or shredding. The insecure wander about the land. No matter circumstance, all souls hold equal divinity. The purpose of His Word is to bring hearts to the truth without human intervention. Through tears and laughter, love is all that drives forward.

EvilPricksAllHearts https://youtu.be/cY2CZipWR7c
Mark 7:20-23, Matthew 15:19, Ephesians 4:18-19, Psalms 64:6. Even evil stings upon itself. As they say, paybacks are rough; playing with fire will burn one. Grief punctures a heartís edges deeply. The list of atrocities among men has been made clear by His Word, and by which the spirit of a soul spirals in defilement. The callous have no regard for decency or truth in plain sight. Guiltless connivers crawl in the crevasses of dishonesty. Evil schemers often believe their cleverness is deep enough to remain hidden. And as it is written, some menís sins are self-evident, while others will be revealed at the final judgment. Deception has no mercy where the wicked live. Where a common saying is, eat before eaten, and an ideology widely practiced, it should rather be, feed the needy.

GodJudgesOverAllEvil https://youtu.be/9t1U7s32hW4
Jeremiah 17:5, Jeremiah 17:9-10. Where man abandons God, and rules the land through fleshly desires to dominate, trusting in his illusion of superiority, curses are all that will come forth, as an unwelcomed plague that devours any remnant of strength. The heart is where the spirit resides, and where trust drives on the truth or lies. Truth in wisdom comes by the Word of God. Unfortunately, the human word has become, "Trust no one," for a society within cynical collapse, invaded by, and surrounded by, global criminals. And this detrimental condition is natural for all that relinquish Godís rule, to that of uninspired selfish men, resulting in inevitable godless corruption; lack of conscience. God will not depart from regulating fair judgment upon those who care not for the fruits of His truths. Darkness will not be able to hide from God.

DeceptionsRootIsBelievingALie https://youtu.be/MxZhwAd4vRw
Deuteronomy 11:16, Luke 21:34-36. Belief can be a matter of opinion. Opinion does not unequivocally declare truth. Truth rises, and is based, on what is forever true in timeís space, to beyond the edges of forever. Truth never becomes lost in confusion or ambiguity. Truth is not an opinion. Truth rises above opinion. However, opinion can incorporate truth. Mistakes in believing lies has always led to the downfall of human unity. God Himself has introduced truths of heart so as to help each from turning aside to what is false. His Word expresses warnings of what causes one to fall from grace, mired in the muck of man. A prayerful life inspires the dreams of a healing heart. A call to His welcoming comfort of forgiveness is more than can be paid for. His love rains as the reservoir approaches clearing the damn. May we be counted worthy in the breach to come.

ObliviousnessIsNotADefense https://youtu.be/wHFM7InOl_M
Hosea 7:2, Luke 16:14-15. In the chasm of time, actions have reaction. All will be caught by the deeds done, and the directions pursued. To not know judgment will come is to harbor upon the damned; the ignorance of obliviousness. All are surrounded by the truth of what is, and what has been. While the shades of time fade, the light of God holds no shadows. Godís value upon truth has no boundaries. Approving of oneself is a two-edged sword. Righteousness shines while bigheadedness defeats all glory. Those most enamored by materialistic possessions may teeter upon the fence of injustice and false outward justification. Those who hold the greatest wealth are of the heart.

SorrowsPierceTheGreedy https://youtu.be/zL4ktqLP6uY
1st Timothy 6:10. The faith God calls out for is to those of generous heart. To hold concern for others is foreign to self-seekers who only care for themselves. The neurotic, whose only song is anxiety upon a foundation of insecurity, have no ladder. A mine has no depth of pit for those that fall before endless desires that are never satisfied. True faith lifts a heart, while greed snuffs out the light of simplicity.

ThoughtsMustBeControlled https://youtu.be/mEnYlz-jhGQ
Jeremiah 4:14, Acts 8:22. To be free of torment, one must wash away evil thoughts. To ask, yay, plea for, for only upward uplifting positive inspirational contemplations improves the spirit. To pray for protection from evils and clean dreams is a call from the mature. A heart of service clings to the quality of helpfulness. Careless self-centered hearts cling only to selfish desires of being serviced. I want, is below I give. Compassion removes contempt. As God loves with a waiting heart, the image of life in the rough should heed this lesson. To rise from the curse of the earth, the forgiveness of God comes to those who repent and submit, asking for His audience. When one buries the evils of the world, the height of heaven is seen.

PerverseProudHeartsAreUnpleasing https://youtu.be/j0TiOxpbFDY
Proverbs 11:20, Psalms 101:5. The heinous beast in man is an abomination in the eye of God. For those that wish no ill-will upon others finds His favor. Gossipers or busy bodies have always had ulterior schemes to defeat any and all in the desert of their desperation to succeed over all. Prideís backwall is fear and doses from a weak heart. Attacks upon the innocent will have the consequence of the merciless judgment they themselves deal. For all wicked mean vicious disobedient rebellious hateful murderous cheaters who lie, their destruction is to come. Bigots hold no true common sense.

PrideIsAHoleToNowhere https://youtu.be/_SBfqeJdi8Q
Proverbs 18:12, Daniel 5:20, Galatians 6:3, Daniel 4:35. The crown one wears is tarnished where vanity overtakes decency. It is clear arrogance holds no glory. To stand on the importance of self over all others is absent of Godís equality and compassion for each. Deception comes to those living in the clouds of their blind excellence residing over all others. Thankfulness for abilities is one thing, but to flaunt oneself as the standard is where the despicable contemplate. The mask of superiority lacks spiritual insight. As God hangs the earth on nothing, and considers all mortals as passing vapors, no one can obfuscate His powers over all. To put God over all brings proper perspective.

PureReligionCallsToCareForOthers https://youtu.be/iHvyfuSTPaI
James 1:26-27. The biggest light Godís Word brings forth is to care for others in their grief. Since all are in grief, in varying degrees, to care for all is the call. All are born orphans from God, and everyoneís need is His redeeming power for adoption, into His spiritual family, where the inheritance is eternal. Unity is found in caring for all, while only division invades the hearts of sinister souls.

TheDespicableInviteTheirOwnDemise https://youtu.be/xUelQtB2hJo
Ezekiel 11:21, Ezekiel 18:30-31. A hole has no bottom where the top can not be seen. For those that fall to the ways of evil, God will weigh their deeds with rejection. While each of us has the callous acts of past or present actions, God calls for us to put on healing hearts composed of mercy for others, as well as self. He asks we open our hearts to love. Confidence over guilt is where strength is unconquerable. It is not a call to have a seared conscience, but to humbly confess truth in the face of God Himself. To repent and cast away previous mistakes enlightens a heart to live guilt free in His light.

PerilousHasAlwaysBeenTheTime https://youtu.be/t9VxblDNGTU
1st Timothy 4:1-3. Skewing from the truths of God has bad results. Liars have no mercy in their demands and inability to regard Godís truths. Leaders become blind leaning on their own greatness missing all deeper truths. Institutions of man become corrupt when replacing His truth with what has not been declared for proper behavior. Actions of honesty and decency over lies and deceit. Quality is compromised where greed overtakes truth and fairness. Diminishing returns cheat the public where content dwindles to increase profits. Where is the beef when it turns into just a bone? Deception comes when His proclaimed for faith is substituted in order to dominate the meek. The meek seek the excellence of emancipating truth and desires for a better way, and false shepherds so easily deceive the submissive; as said, wolf packs impersonating sheep. Travesty arrives when the picture in the ad is never what is eventually delivered, the crime of our times. We accept, and are surrounded by legalized empty lies. However, His Word is simple in the call to be thankful, and to plow forward, in knowing His truths. His quality is never substituted or replaced and fills one unendingly.

DeceiversSelfishlyDivide https://youtu.be/cNBJ-6RI_78
Romans 16:17-18, Ephesians 5:17-21, Colossians 3:15-17. Self-seekers selfishly seek to dominate the simple minded. Though they themselves are simple minded in their shallowness of heart, they see not their own blindness as they devise their crafty evils. The largest egomaniacs have the smallest of treasureless hearts. The story always remains the same, and it is found in their greed for money and power. Confident and sweet are their words as they serve themselves, and not the ways of God. The message is to turn to His Word and cast away the delusions that rise from following man, including self. Godís ways instruct for truth. However, corruption always leaves the stench of wanting to escape. For those that hear His true call, His peace of heart assuredly will come when acting on what becomes obviously known, in Him.

TruthOnAPlatter https://youtu.be/FIwOOFrw4ZY
Ephesians 6:6-7, 1st Corinthians 4:5. When coming to God a genuine heart is affectionately heard. Seeking God first puts one above the agonies of man. To serve Him is found in serving others, especially on the long road of endurance we all travel. Pleasing God is in duly pursuing His instructions to do our best; though we all struggle to achieve this higher stance. Glory shines where one examines self over condemning others, relinquishing judgment to Godís omnipotence. Praise comes by our thankfulness in doing for others with each oneís abilities, and gifts, given by God. From the paraplegic to professional and more profound, God sees all as equally valuable. God values above all the light that radiates from our hearts. Each heartís illumination will fall before Him knowing it is He.

GodCallsUsFromTheInside https://youtu.be/_32lRQgoeuU
Joel 2:12-13. In Godís great mercy He waits for all to awake to His truths. As music soothes the beast, He hopes the song of His truth will be heard. As He calls with His all, He waits for the same. His patience looks upon us with kindness to continue, though there is great rejection of His ways. As a Father who misses His children, His call is to turn to Him. His is the existence of greater than all the light of space, encompassing beyond all the finite moments of passing time. It is in the moment His eternal call comes to us, to see beyond ourselves.

RevivalOfSpirit https://youtu.be/A6bdX1vMpq4
Isaiah 57:15, Psalms 34:18. God comes to those who repent and humbly ask for His presence and assistive help. All are challenged by one failing or another. Those who honestly call from the anxiety of hopelessness in the face of hate and distrust, consumed in the sorrows of death and lies, are saved from being lost in mortality. His essence is divine. He revives the contrite heart through belief. The promise of life is the foundation of God. Happiness comes by the trust in His loving truth, for the sake of united souls, and as such, delivering peace for finding immortality. Faith meets God where there is no distance between the two. Broken hearts heal under His care when trust lifts one to the doors of heaven.

TestOfHeartComesByCourage https://youtu.be/ujIAnT3Rr2I
Proverbs 17:3, Isaiah 35:4. Not always does doing right produce what is favorable by man; for those that speak the truth. When right is wrong, corruption percolates to the top. Whistle blowers revealing truth are often unjustly buried at the bottom of the cobwebs of man where sewage is discarded. When the moral are accused of being immoral by the immoral, it is Godís word that defends the truth of it. God sees a heartís bottom and looks for nobility in the face of adversity. God Himself proclaims justice will come, upon those who cause unjustified torturous fear, and the condemnation of the innocent. When the guilty proclaim the instructions, only chaos follows. To rely on His Word brings freedom from the trap of man.

WithYourAll https://youtu.be/lZ6osdJi0Bo
Deuteronomy 6:5-6, Mark 12:30, Deuteronomy 4:29, Jeremiah 29:12-13. The word has always been to love God with oneís all. The strength of a soul is found in the deepest part of heart. Christ reaffirmed this principle of heart with all oneís mind. It is God who gives and sustains life. It is written that God is found when one seeks Him with all that one is. Knowing God listens is where trust comforts the heart. Unceasing prayer is a way of life that rides on the back of a seeking heart. Foreverís blissful moment is found when becoming acquiescent.

AllWordsAreHeard https://youtu.be/oytYfPKnxmw
Psalms 19:14. What a heart dwells upon brings about either an open trusting heart or one of suspicion and distrust. Words pass by the thoughts of man. That tape of the mind winds for both good and bad. Faith in God solidly lifts for the good, where confidence in man is weaker than water. Where the hopeful live, the best outcome is possible, over those that hold only reckless thoughts. Passion to live overcomes the fear to die. Conscious thoughts do bless or plague a people, in how they incorporate and are able to live. And with Godís proclamations observed, the best outcome is attained. One can not stop sinners, of which we all are, but the truth should not be denied and or excused for the convenience of conscience. Exposing sin is what brings truth to a people in order to fight against itsí curse. Changing bad for good does not change the way God hears or sees who we are. His call is to righteousness in spirit and truth, no matter who we are.

MercyAndTruthIsTheLensOfGod https://youtu.be/zjMC6RHYH_4
Proverbs 3:3, 2nd Corinthians 3:2-3, Hebrews 10:16-17. God sees mercy as compassion for those less fortunate. This is why He has extended His inspired Word to those who hunger in a world of lies. Assisting character is His call to be. To exalt others is the excellence of a teachers heart. Godís desire is for us to embrace His guiding word, having it embedded upon our hearts. The best part of believing, and obeying in His word, is deliverance, through the forgiveness of sins. Waitingís song rides on that special river of calm time.

GodHasShownUs https://youtu.be/-L4dRc_CmlU
Romans 1:16-19. In the field of life, both good and bad characters live. Unfortunately, it is often bad characters that rise to the top. God reveals to good spirit souls, paramount believers observing the righteous words of God, over the less desirable perpetrators. Those unacceptable in His light include those who suppress truth pursuing unrighteousness. Many stories and parables expose the failings of the selfish over the needy meek of this world. Heavenís judgment is ahead where all will appear before His judgment seat. No surprises as the truth will exonerate or condemn each who must come before Him. God will not accept those who purposely disobey His words throwing knives rather than helping hands in the meat-locker of life. The warning is clear to be prepared by observing His truths. His final judgment rises above and beyond any of our abilities to understand, and it is not our place to judge where it is not obvious. While His expeditious laws are ignored, ultimate judgment is His job, not ours.

RighteousnessOfFaith https://youtu.be/Z7P5w75jXzQ
Romans 10:6-10, 1st Corinthians 11:31. As said, life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you might get. So we have little knowledge of each ones predicament in life. The message is, it is His final judgement, given by God, and not by man. While laws of man, if broken, should render accountability, and due punishment, for social justice, and civilizations to exist, judgment of a souls destination in heaven or hell is declared left to God. God wants us to take hope in our faith, and in Christ, more than our worship or condemnation of a mere human. Believing Christ rose is the righteous truth of resurrection, and the focus of our hope. As the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is witness, we are instructed to pay more attention to our own actions, more so than trying to improve others. By example the light comes forth. When we are able to assist in our goodness, it is God who gives the increase awakening hearts to believe. Forcing religion on people is not the call of God. As feathers blow in the wind, God decides where they will land.

GodsDoctrineDelivers https://youtu.be/5Vi4SYB1g1Q
Romans 6:17. True hearts are thankful for Godís Word. By His Word, it exposes the condemnation, and results, of sin. His Word exposes the glory of loveís success over hate. When one obeys from the heart, and submits to His ways and commands, a spiritual pardon is extended. Deliverance is a gift of God that comes through ones action to respond to His call. Where hearts are broken, liberation comes by believing in His all-encompassing truths. For tears to find their remedy, God is there.

ThankfulnessDrivesSanity https://youtu.be/cxmj9nH63Sk
Ecclesiastes 5:19-20. The greatest blessings come to those whom God gives ability with purpose. A righteous quest of heart never surrenders, and always resists the evils that perpetuate upon all. Freedom of spirit should never be taken for granted while maintaining a thankful regard for any and all gifted paths. Excellence comes to those of exceptional passion. Surely one is blessed in life when God delivers this joy of purpose, where oneís works are never ending. Chivalry and mercy of heart comes to these souls, where rising above the mundane is immeasurable. The best part of living is the exceptional excitement of life. Principled by fairness, from not doing others wrong or improper conduct driven by excessive anxiety and desperation, what a joy if this life in a moral heart is found. Too few are these workers in the field of God.

BeliefDeliversTheFearless https://youtu.be/xPpLkzdmJ9k
Acts 8:37, John 14:27, John 14:1. When one believes with all of oneís heart, commitment is made. To be sure is where confidence drives a soul forward. How often do we see broken commitments as people dispose of one another in the human garbage disposal machine. Contempt is more the norm than plowing to the end zone of success. As said, failure is not an option if a heart is true. Peace can only arrive when love frees a heart from troubles, and we all struggle for that. God has given us His truth to be sure His promise will not abandon us, as so many people do throw away relations in mortal life. Faith and trust is the greatest of all relationships.

GodsHighestTruthIsLove https://youtu.be/0wNMvFGJBUI
Acts 27:25, Colossians 3:14. As faith to faith inspires those ahead from behind, and in the present, so too should our studies convince us of the reality of God. As told, His truth remains for all where His call is to love one another. This is a challenge for all. Perfection comes to a heart where love emancipates one from the indecisiveness of sure commitment. His seal comes to zealous hot hearts bonded with others, where cold and lukewarm ones will be driven back to themselves as alone and lonely as they are. Without His Word only torments fill the void. Unity comes not by isolation but by open honest hearts.

GodsLightDeliversTruth https://youtu.be/vOwk1WNphmI
1st John 1:5, Genesis 1:3-4. God exists in and above (beyond) His creation. Truth needs no expression other than it is of itself without deflection. Straight is the creation of light so that His creation of life may see what unfolds before the magnificence of all. Eternity is the womb of His light. The Light God gives is an everlasting presence, with the message of an unending life, and specifically, for the abode of the earth, conveyance of these truths through Jesus Christ.

MasterOfSpaceAndTime https://youtu.be/snO-h_UNbWA
Psalms 74:16-17, Revelation 1:8. God has set His plan in motion to awaken souls to the fact of His light within His creation. Great freedom has been given to pursue local experiences void of His domination, other than a request to come to the truth of it all. Godís claim to fame is that He embodies all from beginning to end. As sentient life is created in His image, His call comes from ďI Am.Ē

HisWordCommandsAsTruth https://youtu.be/9wpTViJSybY
John 1:1-4, Deuteronomy 32:4. With purpose God created our realm so that the genuine may come forth. Life is synonymous with the source of Light that radiates from this gift of being. Recognizing the fact that He determined retrieval, or salvation, through His own deliverer, truth, within the finite sequence of His creation, individual freedom to become has been given, and awareness is the very truth of each heart. Choice is the gift of freedom. Clearly beyond argument, Truth is Truth, and it cannot be changed. Godís word is as sure as His justice will be served, as His promise of paradise arrives; it is what all hopeful rise to be born into; eternity. Always and forever Godís equality is Truth.

OurShieldIsTrustInHim https://youtu.be/924xNX5rkPE
Proverbs 30:5, Revelation 4:11, Isaiah 44:24. Trust in God delivers courage without measure, for His is the power above all. As Creator of all, He is more than worthy to receive all that is due Him. God by Himself, who did all this occurrence of existence, has loved with such boundlessness, has given truth as a guiding redeemer. He is the shelter beyond the stars.

GodWillsRigheousness https://youtu.be/rerNIfBp3fw
James 1:17-20, Nahum 1:3. God remains unchanged across the entirety of His presence. He has announced conditions of spirit that bring about the best beauty life can be. To carefully and patiently hear, compassionately and thoughtfully speak, and to maintain self-control in love is where the wise reside. His word (heart) calls to each to arrive at this heavenly plea. Although the clouds are the dust of His feet, His intimate qualities reflect His desires to be emulated, to achieve the best that life can be.

LifeComesByGod https://youtu.be/OdYNHCOoIso
Job 33:4, Psalms36:9-10, John 1:18. By the breath of God life is given. By His will we are under His truth in the light. To know God is to see His righteousness. It is when we act upon His truths that one becomes upright in heart. And, it is God who shines upon our hearts to experience the moment of life. His gift for our redemption comes by the glorious act of Jesus Christ offering Grace to all who would believe, striving to obey the higher call. It is Jesus Christ who has declared God so that we may know the truth of His love.

GodTranscendsHisTouch https://youtu.be/AvSVpcAf2fo
Exodus 33:20, Colossians 1:15-17. How can one see the chicken before the egg hatches or oneís fatherís face before one is born? To see God is limited to the ability to know God, and thankfully for this wonderous gift to know Him! - The width, depth, and height. His truth exposes the essence of all that He is, and His intent for goodness to endure forever beyond the evils that will fade to darkness' abyss. For before time He entered love as a condition for existence in truth. To return to this apex of all reality, He has injected His tangible presence, for the free will of our return, Christ is for this. Heaven is an advancing abode that reaches out past all observable, and has a welcoming invitation to all who would genuinely and humbly come to the presence of God Himself. This is where no longing could be greater.

GodsHandiwork https://youtu.be/JNvC4wvcOVY
Psalms 19:1, Psalms 102:25-27. God has declared all made is of His doing. Included is all that can be experienced in His Creation. As we gaze up to the sky or down to the microscopic, the realm of space lays above and below. Distance emancipates. Eternity confronts each one of us. The physical universe exhibits qualities synonymous with the philosophical or psychosocial existence of our minds and hearts. This incalculable God given expanse, of out and in, maintains both cold and hot, compact and loose, along with relative static and or energetic; conditions extending to both strong and weak. As these conditions will fade in time, as expanding space collapses, God remains as He is with no end. To see God is to see the messages written in nature itself. It came before it was.

GodHasComeToUs https://youtu.be/01Ms4ihT6sE
Psalms 89:8, Romans 5:8, 1st Corinthians 1:9. God is steadfast in His remaining before us. Sight comes by the vision of His truth. His love came to each of us in the sacrifice of His own life, that we may achieve this emancipation to knowing our Father Creator. His is a call, not a demand, where love is the key to peace, and feathers ride the top of heaven. God is faithful as He waits to see us for who we are, if we care for others or are more selfishly inclined. Love holds the ripples of time.

GodSpinsLove https://youtu.be/MEZGzjoiHo0
1st John 4:7-8, . God has made His nature known in that Love and Truth are of the highest qualities. He wills we spin on these expressions more so than the deceptive webs most weave in hate and arrogance. The glory of love comes in pure truth to see Godís purpose for us, to find freedom as wonderful in loveís open honesty and the freedom of existence. Dread comes as a dying flower without God, who rises above all. As God is the source love for all, to be in Him, acknowledging Him, is to have an underlying happiness in love without prejudice, where peace is the sunshine of realizing actual sanctuary. The music of heaven is love.

GodShinesEndlessly https://youtu.be/CuavEnayt_Q
Isaiah 40:28, Psalms 147:5. We can never know the greatness of all or the ultimate wisdom God holds. God is the question that beats on the bottom of all. His unapproachable presence unassumingly waits for each of us. His genuine mighty power is soft with the righteous, and rightfully harsh with the wicked. Love without faith is empty as is faith without love. The arrows of forever carry the faithful.

GodHasNoLimit https://youtu.be/UM_4N8ux9xI
Job 11:7-8, Isaiah 38:18. God Almighty has a depth no one can mortally perceive. We can only surmise what occurs as we leave the earth for the next eventuality. Our most important condition of heart is the life we possess. While alive our opportunity to find truth is available, and He has made the answers clear. To lose hope is the death of loveís sight. To humbly accept that which is higher and lower allows God to be seen. Arrogance will never find, through labors to discover absolute knowledge, or attempts to dominate creation, it is simply not possible or even remotely realistic to claim masterhoodship of what unfolds before us. Arrogance exalts self. We all have an equal measure of ignorance. None can know all but God. Only God knows the extent of all instantly.

IAmIsHisImage https://youtu.be/lVlGJH0CFMk
Job 11:7-8, Isaiah 38:18. God Almighty has a depth no one can mortally perceive. We can only surmise what occurs as we leave the earth for the next eventuality. Our most important condition of heart is the life we possess. While alive our opportunity to find truth is available, and He has made the answers clear. The guidebook of character has been given. To lose hope is the death of loveís sight. To humbly accept that which is higher and lower allows God to be seen. We exist in a heaven of hell. Arrogance will never find, through labors to discover absolute knowledge, or attempts to dominate creation, it is simply not possible or even remotely realistic to claim masterhoodship of what unfolds before us. Arrogance exalts self. We all have an equal measure of ignorance. None can know all but God. Only God knows the extent of all instantly.

ReasonsToBelieve https://youtu.be/XXX
1st Timothy 1:5, Titus 1:1-2, 2nd Timothy 2:12-13, James 1:13. Scripture has been revealed so that we may know the ordinances of forever. It is a choice to pursue right over wrong, truth over lies. It is not Godís will that we be deceived by ourselves or others. This is a fine line in all the meadows of time where man has convoluted decency and thieves abound. There is no shortage of self-proclaimed visionaries. At the heart of the matter is where God wants us to be for the best individual life possible. To love without hate or disgust, to maintain integrity fearlessly in honesty, and to possess sincere hope for better no matter what. To acknowledge His truth is not just found in a simple comprehensive list, it resides in the character of all that He is, and has announced for us to sensibly come. His truths of Himself and mankind is not hidden. The choice of good and evil lay before us. God cannot lie or does He deny what He faithfully is, tempting no one, but releasing freedom to become that it is. His patience waits for the rising of our soul light which will plainly and simply be seen. Accountability is a responsibility He commands, as fair judgment will come upon us all.

GodIsOurSufficiency https://youtu.be/TOabPcwTHRE
2nd Corinthians 3:5-6, Ephesians 2:8-9, 1st Peter 4:10, Romans 11:29. God despises the arrogant and wills that we come to our humble senses. As creatures of His creation He wants us to be courierís of truth, embedded within unmovable hearts. It does not involve laws which all of us have broken, it is that higher call to have simple sincere faith. This faith is offered to each through the deliverance of His truth. It is a command for all faithful to maintain belief, void of the condemnation anchors of the law. All of age are guilty whereas we can only find grace in the gift of His forgiveness, by the promise of His love for all who believe wishing to improve observing His principles and commands. We each are equally unique, given various gifts, to serve as our lives advance. There is both good and bad spirits. Some push untruths but this is not Godís call to service. His will is that we share with one another supporting His manifold grace which is His very own qualities. The truth God has given and created remains where He calls for us to see these truths.

GodNowCallsRighteousnessToSalvation https://youtu.be/k1sJH-dsCPo
Isaiah 45:5-8. God declares supremacy. His creation is such that none can deny the power displayed before all. By His word He confronts all who would want to know as He is the great I Am. He has promised to strengthen all those who would or may choose to know Him through His word. God is specifically interested in NOW as it takes precedence throughout His creation. God has formed time in space for righteousness to take hold within the understanding of salvation. Whether one likes it or not, it is Godís proclaimed plan for the retrieval of genuine souls.

TimelessLocation https://youtu.be/k8nx0Ek0y-M
Psalms 115:1, Job 22:12. God has no one to order Him over Him. He Himself has manufactured creation as we can know it and more, by His word. It is by His mercy in truth that we can know of that which is higher than here. Above the highest of high, to the bottom of all, He is. Glory be to Him!

KnowGodInOurHearts https://youtu.be/dwt0ybBAQUo
Deuteronomy 4:39, Psalms 9:7-8. God alone stands as He is above all. Heaven as we perceive it stretches out below His reign of all that is awake to know. And in the realm of experiential time that is discoverable, in His created light, we exist. His judgment will come in accordance to the righteousness He has announced in the administration of justice. It will be the upright that will survive when decency and truth are called into the light.

GloryBelongsToTheLord https://youtu.be/w_BP-JLYOu0
1st Corinthians 15:40-41, Psalms 105:3, Proverbs 18:10, Isaiah 43:10-11. In each moment of creation physical reality orders the whole. All points in reality have identity. The glory of it all is due to God in His wisdomís gift to divine lifeís becoming. Those who find rejoicing in His name above all find the tower of an enlarging safe retrieval, and the comfort of His endless love. As He is the I am of creation, He equally gives back that we are as He is. It is all meant to believe in His life as well as ours. He is the eternal savior that stretches across all that is.

SimplyGodKnowsAll https://youtu.be/XlzQJHPvDVk
Psalms 147:4, Jeremiah 31:35, Jeremiah 32:17. God comes to us knowing all. His call is as loud as all the hairs ever grown. To know Him is to reach out beyond imagination. As light is His creation for life to know, His will is for us to choose the truth of that He is and love Him for this.

ACallToBeHoly https://youtu.be/zGrRFs7dGXg
Psalms 108:5, 1st Peter 1:15-16, Jeremiah 9:23-24. His greatness declares the bar we all fall under. He wills we become holy as He is that which embodies all goodness; He calls for us to act upon the heart of truth. Glory is not found in mere wisdom nor physical might or material riches. Glory is found in knowing Him and how He defines righteousness in the love that He is, and for us to have honest love. Fools imagine intelligence and strength of character by which they perceive personal wealth; the farce of not knowing comes by living next to the dump thinking a self-exalted castle is owned. Godís delight comes by humble wealth where those love all and wish no harm to befall any.

GodIsTheOwner https://youtu.be/cPXCbkqOJX4
Psalms 24:1-2, Psalms 115:16. It is the LORD who has established and founded all creation. As such, He is the owner of it all. The gift He gives is that He frees the children of the earth to care for the earth as it is. These things or processes are meant to more than show how abandoning God has no beneficial outcome where man works against man and nature. Godís abode as higher than the heavens we may observe, and He waits for the return of our hearts.

MightyAndAwesomeIsGod https://youtu.be/6aJKVdgRfJ4
Isaiah 42:5-7, Genesis 2:7, John 6:63, Romans 6:19, Deuteronomy 10:14. Our great God renders life in the form of breathing in the acts of motion. His righteousness clears blindness to the truths of creation as He sustains the spirit within. He calls for all to come to the radiance of His light, both metaphorically, symbolically, and solidly. To act upon His truths of being, to escape the collapsing darkness as it expands, is found in the hope of a devoted heart. Truth is held by God in the highest of regard, as it is the reality of it all. His call rings out to all the generations of man on the earth.

AccountabilityOfCharacterPrevails https://youtu.be/IyF4Sx0EMBg
Deuteronomy 10:17, John 10:34, Psalms 82:6, James 3:16, Titus 1:16, 1st Peter 2:21, Ezekiel 23:35, Isaiah 51:12-13, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 55:6-9. God does not show partiality and remains open to souls in need. God proclaims our nature as close to His in commanding spirit, created in His image. The character inferences of God preclude prejudice scheming in deception to gain advantage. Mankind consumes itself in corruption where envy and self-seeking produce the confusion disharmony brings. Blind charlatans prey upon the ignorant unwatchful eyes of the gullible. This is why Christ came to enlighten the vision of those that would hope for God Himself. Abandoning God for unguided trust in an impulsive self brings the destruction due. God proclaims His omnipresence and as such questions all who fear in man over trust in Him. To forget God is to relinquish the comforts of knowing forever. Godís compassion exceeds that of manís limitations.

PeaceComesByBelievingInHope https://youtu.be/0qAZuYdnnak
1st Corinthians 14:33, Romans 15:13, Hebrews 12:14-15, Matthew 11:28-30, Psalms 73:25-26. The power of God is truth. Peace will come to all who hope in belief of Godís eternal life promise, where His Spirit delivers the grace of forgiveness. Those bitter hearted souls stir trouble not only in themselves, but defile the innocent that surround them. Again, God calls for broken hearts to humbly, contritely, return to faith in Him, and learn from the torture He Himself endures with us, as expressed in the history of truths delivered. Love is the key to peace. To prize God above all else frees one from the demise of mortality. The strength of a heart resides in forever and the measureless quality of it.

GodConsidersEverySoul https://youtu.be/m_-3OU5PctY
Psalms 8:3-4, Job 7:17-18. Godís heart looks to our each action in every moment. We are under the test of His creation in time. Our behavior is what God looks to. His desire is for us to assist one another, and not exclusively exalt the self which leads to corruption and all the evils of a callous heart. His test is to gauge our decency in His apparent absence, and it is this test which He will judge the acceptable over the despicable.

GodDwellsAmongUs https://youtu.be/laNU-qgQyJg
1st Kings 8:27, Isaiah 37:16. Humans throughout time have aspired to connect with the presence of God. Earth cannot contain His magnitude of magnificence and glory other than a glimmer of His touch. Godís presence has declared He is the heart of light for life. The light of His love surpasses all perception in the enormity of that it is.

LovesBrightnessHasNoEqual https://youtu.be/1NOhSpGEMwU
Acts 26:13-15, 2nd Corinthians 4:17-18. In the realm of visible light there is a light that transcends beyond the physical. Itsí power and presence envelopes all that is perceivable for it is the driving force of creation itself. It is the Light of God Himself. The brightness of love has no limit where life takes precedence. Now is the clock of God.

GodsHeavenIsOurEventualHome https://youtu.be/qHpkXn1GdLk
2nd Corinthians 12:2, Revelation 21:1, Revelation 21:23. God has communicated with life through various methods such as dreams, visions, and or astral projection. These actions have been at the direction of God, and not manís imagined delusions. Communication from God is a miraculous inextinguishable fire echoed for the betterment of man, and not qualified to exalt any individual. God proclaims our eternal home with Him above the most distant of stars. What will arrive for those of us faithful, judged worthy, will be beyond description in the care of His immeasurable light. Loveís presence beholds beyond the stars.

ReconciliationComesByChrist https://youtu.be/7v9kGGMYCrE
2nd Corinthians 5:18, John 17:24, 2nd Corinthians 6:2. It is Godís will that He retrieve His created children from their absence of immediate observation in His giving presence of loveís eternal light. A test of loyalty and love comes to every heart. Christ is His portal to achieve this most magnificent saving Grace. As time is a constraint, now is the called for moment to share this message of offered salvation. Christ Himself reaches down from the timeless abode, above heavenís top, to secure our return. Open hearts hear the call.

HisWordDefinesHeart https://youtu.be/5vCJyz4abuQ
Romans 8:27, 1st John 5:5-6, Mark 7:13, 1st Peter 1:25, Matthew 26:75, Acts 19:10, Colossians 3:16, Matthew 13:19, Hebrews 1:3, Hebrews 7:28, Acts 14:3, Acts 15:7, Hebrews 5:13, Hebrews 13:22, 2nd Corinthians 5:19, Romans 10:8, Philippians 2:16, Ephesians 1:13. God searches the bottom of each heart that beats in time. His wonder is for our reaction in the face of isolation. Truth can not be hidden from the Holy Spirit where Christ will judge the relevance of all that is genuine. His given word and our observance to it or not will declare the appropriate destination. His word is the declaration of what He seeks in us. The escalator to heaven is drawn by the horrific tears endured at the hands of mankindís evils.

GodIs https://youtu.be/HZy2l3Ixjiw
John 4:24, Galatians 3:20, John 3:33, Luke 3:8, Psalms 99:9, 1st John 4:8, 1st John 1:5, John 4:24, Job 36:26, Mark 12:27, 1st Corinthians 1:9, Isaiah 8:10, Nahum 1:2, Hebrews 1:8, Psalms 18:30, Psalms 116:5, Romans 1:17, Psalms 75:7, Psalms 115:3, Daniel 9:14, Psalms 54:4, Psalms 7:11, Romans 1:9, Psalms 59:17, Daniel 2:47, Job 9:4, Psalms 68:20, Deuteronomy 4:24, 1st Corinthians 14:33, Job 37:22, Job 36:5, Romans 2:2, Psalms 47:7, Psalms 73:26, Romans 6:23, Hebrews 11:6, Hebrews 11:16, Psalms 3:8, Acts 4:12. God calls for open honest hearts regarding any approach to His presence and or attention. The command is that we must believe with an unwavering faith to receive the gifts He offers for the lives that love Him. Rewards of salvation through grace, peace with a clear conscience, forgiveness unto eternal life where righteous hearts enjoy pure wisdom await. The ticket booth to eternity passes through Christ, who resides as the collector, and examiner, of tickets rendered. As the winds blow in time, one must come to Godís own grace in Christ for eternal salvation and find sanctuary of heart.

ScepterOfGod https://youtu.be/i5CjaRblnaU
Psalms 45:6. The cross is empty. The tomb is empty. The throne is occupied. Godís qualities of righteousness blaze across His delivered word. Worthy in the presence of His throne is pure love with the honorable decency of truthís justice standing patiently upright. His Kingdom holds the scepter of righteousness unto eternity.

GodsSoulHatesWickedViolence https://youtu.be/yc4vJjU0HJs
Psalms 11:4-5. To say the only good Russian is a dead Russian is wicked violence. To say the only good American is a dead American is wicked violence. Chinese, African, insert any noun or adjective and the outcome is the same in the eyes of God. To say the only good democrat is a dead democrat is wicked violence. Republican or communist or capitalist, is it man that declares the judgment of death, or God? By our words God sees our hearts by which judgment will come. Godís will is unity over division which is so elusive while the arrogance and conniving of man dominates. God sees all under His heavens.

SonsOfMen https://youtu.be/apwJoRxTwRo
Psalms 33:13, Proverbs 15:11, Psalms 139:7-8, Ecclesiastes 3:17-18. No place to hide from His watchfulness upon each under the test of character qualities. Does anyone know right now how many hairs are upon the earth? God knows truth where none can escape from His presence. It is God who knows the deepest heart of all thoughts and actions whereby final judgment will come. Animals in general do not abandon one another. It is the animosity in man that divides and splinters unity causing hidden shame where liars run in desperation.

WorshipGod https://youtu.be/iFQ6FXX98YQ
Psalms 89:6, Revelation 22:8-9, Job 1:6. God is inexpressible as His gift is life. ďI am better or more deserving than youĒ makes one less than holy in the eyes of God. Satan was once one of Godís most holy creations. To rise as holy above others is the mistake of rising above God Himself. Arrogance is the thief of happiness. Realizing the flesh is of the dust, clarity of the spirit's gift of life maintains immeasurably more. It is God that extends life to His creation.

SonOfMan https://youtu.be/Zb6cFj6TDxE
Daniel 7:13, Hebrews 1:1, Acts 1:9-11. The Spirit of God Himself, or angel from beyond, God desires for us to see the higher truth where infinite value dwells and love extends endlessly. To find this is not to be lost but found.

CornerstoneOfTruth https://youtu.be/HLglZrPrmKU
Romans 8:14. Truth is the cornerstone of His Righteousness. To be led by His word is to hold a spirit of consideration and application of Godís called for values of character. Truth is in the Light. Darkness is void of truth.

SpiritOfHisSon https://youtu.be/-UJM8027lRg
Galatians 4:4-6. Wherein the law of death resides, God desires we have that escape hatch to His love leaving the aching of mortality behind. This occurs when devotion surpasses earthly desires and the call to His salvation is of our deepest concern and hope. Godís message comes to us by the life of Christ. As mankind descends into the sewers of time, no cleansing is coming without the hope God will welcome the faithful home upon our individual soul emancipation.

GodsHeartIsTruth https://youtu.be/Pa7qeQyxcas
Matthew 13:37-38, John 8:43-45. By Christ came grace and truth (John 1:17). To change truth and accept the lie is to void grace. Godís heart is truth.

FutureOfOurLives https://youtu.be/KZXbqpdktbI
Luke 20:34-36, Galatians 3:28. Too often male chauvinism interferes with the desire of God for all souls to be saved coming to His truth. For race or gender to be a condition of acceptance or exclusion is not the call of God. Come as you are is His will, and His truths remain eternally for all His created creatures (1st Corinthians 7:20). He calls to all mortals, as sinners, in need of repentance, godly sorrow, in pursuit of His Holy nature. To hear is His call to understand His word, and to specifically come by His word in finding His truth, in not just thought, but application. The faithful and loyal to His will, will rise, to become one with God Himself. God looks to retrieve as many as possible souls, loyal to His word striving to improve, and it will be by His word that we will be judged. All mortals struggle in the bondage of flesh where desires dictate direction.

SonsOfThisWorld https://youtu.be/UEMDeIcnJMk
Luke 16:8, Jeremiah 12:1, 1st Timothy 4:2, 1st Timothy 5:23, 1st Peter 3:17. Mortal schemers have always defeated the nobler qualities of God; greed, envy, lying. We are told though evil appears to succeed, final judgment will reveal and condemn their evil actions. God spins upon those noblier qualities announced, hoping a soulís denial does not descend into those darker than speakable things. Evil likes to hide as it plots.

SonsOfLight https://youtu.be/iaIacXfU5c0
John 12:36. God waits patiently requesting our return, of our own free will. Discouragement can invade lonely hearts that feel abandoned to the unmerciful slicing of time. Faithís hope is the cornerstone of spiritual strength. To hear the higher call of light itself lifts a heart.

LightOverDarkness https://youtu.be/JV5pmg98z6g
1st Thessalonians 5:5. The line has been drawn upon the stars in space. Stellar disintegration is notice of the temporary fading of this presence in darkness, to the promise of His third Heavenly eternal home; light where soulís enjoy the comfort of forever. To not take note of one breath away is to miss what He has offered in our return. His light is inextinguishable. Presently the largest component of this universe is darkness behind and in front of the light.

DeliveranceOfferedToAl https://youtu.be/OnDWHKHXQQw
Colossians 1:13, Ephesians 5:11, John 1:12, Romans 9:26. Christ has shown us the truth of the direction in store for those faithful till mortal death. Believerís hearts touch the eternal presence of His love. Only a fool waits for that which has already come, and His Kingdom displays before us with the test of life, to see if we in truth love. To remain on a cliff of sand while the rock of life is nearby is not wise.

EvilDeceives https://youtu.be/sHWZZ62LsoM
Ephesians 5:6, Romans 1:18, Job 30:8. Evil is as crafty as it is despicable. As Satan has the power to deceptively transform into an angle of light, so too do men appear in their sweet sourness. God promises a cleansing coming for all those who fall into their own selfishness with little regard for the hopes of others. Without confession there is no repentance. In the absence of truth, deception lurks in the shadows of lies.

HeavenDescendsUponThePathsOfMankind https://youtu.be/KolqNGbPONs
Job 30:8, Psalms 11:4-5, Psalms 33:13, Proverbs 15:11, Psalms 139:7-8, Ecclesiastes 3:17-18, Psalms 89:6, Revelation 22:8-9, Job 1:6, Daniel 7:13, Hebrews 1:1, Acts 1:9-11, Romans 8:14, Galatians 4:4-6, Matthew 13:37-38, John 8:43-45, Luke 20:34-36, Galatians 3:28, Luke 16:8, Jeremiah 12:1, 1st Timothy 4:2, 1st Peter 3:17, John 17:36, 1st Thessalonians 5:5, Colossians 1:13, Ephesians 5:11, Romans 9:26, Ephesians 5:6. With the divide that currently engulfs humanity, God paints the road map between good and bad. To achieve a resurrection where God welcomes one home is achievement in the highest. Too many play the game of self-destruction where a soulís life has little spirit for others in their quest to dominate and condemn. To return to God is to pay attention to His call to the ways of holiness.

GodsMessageIsToDoGood https://youtu.be/jiwBk_E-_v4
Hebrews 13:16. Without doing good and sharing abilities to benefit others, as well as self, defeats the will of God.

GodIsAliveInTruth https://youtu.be/q_9NYz5ONR4
Matthew 22:32, Matthew 24:35. Even if denied or ignored, God is of the living as is the originator of life itself. By His Word presence came to be, and it is His truth in power that endures forever. The Power of Truth is and will always be.

TheSwordOfTruthCutsToTheTruth https://youtu.be/6gPxUOZ_1e4
Hebrews 4:12. Godís Word covers all circumstances revealing the truth of all actions committed. The Light of truth is that it is. To not acknowledge the truth does not void the truth.

ReturnToTheLord https://youtu.be/3CSt3IMSKUg
Malachi 3:6-7, 2nd Chronicles 30:9. God has told us how to return by the qualities of His character. If is the question to get on the requisite of obey or not. So many turn to those things that hold no glory and leave one distraught. For return to occur truth is a must. Love is the key.

WhatCanPleaseTheLord https://youtu.be/UHIPf_d6Vlk
Micah 6:6-8.To please the Lord is in that which is held in a soulís ability to do what one can do. Avoidance is consumed in cowardice left to those courageous truths left undone. Just to remain purposely oblivious does not exempt the due grade under the test.

HardToLoveOnesEnemies https://youtu.be/2VjcM0-jO34
Matthew 5:45.How is it that people do not support the truth? Hate is so easily dealt in the competition of domination over those of others. Secretive backstabbers hold no mercy in their friendliness to fool you. Gossip is their knife of tongue. Yet we are told to turn the cheek and bless those who lie against us. God desires hearts remain free of hate. The fairness of God will expose the despicable and commend the honorable.

TheProudRefuseToHear https://youtu.be/vq5oib3DKzo
Zechariah 7:9-12, Proverbs 16:3-5. The proud have a haughty spirit generally unable to hear different opinions or character improvement instructions. Arrogance holds that sense of superiority that can come with a short fuse. God looks to see if we have open hearts of consideration and not the hidden agendas of the scheming and greedy where miserable dark hearts reside.

AccountabilityComesForDeedsDone https://youtu.be/zuO3oSnCJ34
Hebrews 4:13, Job 36:5-6. God sees all as it is and was. Accountability is a force of nature and inherent to the creation itself. In His love He despises none, but in judgment He will free the oppressed by His great understanding. Justice comes by the strings of truth.

GodsJusticeWillPierceTheWicked https://youtu.be/6fAgpe000Y0
Psalms 7:11, Nahum 1:2, Job 9:4. Anger is only valid where injustice thrives and the meek seek hope. The enemies of God have no shame with hardened hearts without mercy. The heartless have no defense where righteousness rules.

NoPlaceToHide https://youtu.be/ycicq2ecHzQ
Jeremiah 23:24, Proverbs 15:3-4, Proverbs 5:21. Children find themselves dependent upon those who care for them. As God cares for us, His hope for our return is within His vision. Either we shine in His forest of life or break in the pit of darkness passing His promised offerings by. God knows us. Hiding is not an option. Unrelenting attacking hearts are not caring hearts. God sees hope over hate.

TheCrownOfLifeIsLove https://youtu.be/kw9CYBBtm5M
James 1:12-16. To embrace what is truth is to find that which can be known. Each of us must answer to our own heart as we seek these things that ponder upon all; real or unreal. How empty when time holds no love chained without itsí tenderness. When avoidance and lies become truth, only loneliness follows. Love shines as a new sun rising filling life with immeasurable brightness. To turn away from love only decays life. Honest truth is synonymous with sincere love.

GodKnowsAllHearts https://youtu.be/Zl28AQm_Up0
Acts 1:24, 1st John 3:20-21. As God knows all He instructs all. The goodness of a heart believes in the comfort He promises, where the hopeful guilty still battle indecision in prayer. He calls for confidence over insecurity, and purpose of heart over careless endeavors. We wonder and question as the ďI amísĒ that we are. To embrace light sheds the darkness. To believe in forever brings into focus the reason we are alive. To sense the higher nature of living choosing life and love over selfish demonic concerns of defeatism. Evil endures no pleasure as itsí end is to cough on nothing. A heart that loves is seen boundlessly unto eternity.

ByKnowledgeActionsAreWeighed https://youtu.be/yk9JY_e7DYs
1st Samuel 2:1-3. Forever holds no heartbreak. Arrogance is the seed of evil, and without proper gardening, water evaporates; dust arrives. To have success over the weight of death comes by the actions to cultivate life in self and others. Spirals into destruction materialize when one sees only self as the highest concern. The coughing of life comes by not seeing otherís needs. Knowledge is based upon truth, and if actions do not respond to the call of God to be by His given word, how can truth actually be seen?

TheJudgmentSeatDoor https://youtu.be//faSO2sbFwKM
John 10:9-11, 2nd Corinthians 5:10. So clear His offer of Life where the abundance of love is alive forevermore. Where the flesh drains hope in the tensions of matter of fact, God is the real question. Belief in accountability strolls where hope for mercy before His judgment resides. His door to life comes when no thief can steal that faith of heart.

GodOffersLifeInHim https://youtu.be/iZ6TJPqr--M
Hebrews 7:15-16, 1st Timothy 2:5. Power is an inexpressible concept in the limitlessness of it all and more. No sight can see all secrets in plain truth without faith in across the sea. To find Christ brings laughter for His heart of protection. Man has no power as God has supremacy. For each of us a decision to believe in Him or not comes to heart. Hope over despair is the tunnel to His love. Waiting is a test of character in which the direction that a soulís spirit decides to take determines the outcome. Two paths fall before all of Mankind: to hear that upward call or descend into the oblivion of hopelessness.

TheTruthSetsOneFreeIfActedUpon https://youtu.be/Ig5Z5h6xBzA
John 8:32, Ezekiel 3:18-21. In time we all find challenges between fear and courage. The war within the self is in a constant waging state. Truth or lies is the ultimate question. Simplicity does not describe complexity, although it should not be so. To give or to take. The will of God is that we stand for truth in the face of all that evil can deliver in the butchering of living. How can grief not come as harmony is destroyed by those who lie against the truth? To hear His word strengthens the spirit of a soul to know right from wrong. The faithful stand above the slicingís of evil.

RiversInTimeRevealTheLightWeOwn https://youtu.be/bKKW9afN1hQ
Ezekiel 3:18-21, Ephesians 4:25-32, 2nd Timothy 1:7, 2nd Peter 2:2. In all that we encounter in this crazy world, do we rise above the darkness that invades time? Such a shame when the noble are seen as despicable, imprisoned in the chains of liars denning truth. We all labor to see truth and, in all of our efforts, obscurity hides the future. All cry to become. Need and want fill our desires to find within the circumstance of our predicaments. Where do we go in a world that is lost? The honest admit humble shortcomings wishing betterment for those we do not know. Without love, hardened hearts destroy unity where family dies, and hate invades peace. Either we choose to show the power of sound minds in the love of goodness or follow destructive ways clamoring on bitter hearts where dust is the only breath. Beware, death is real where God is denied, and selfish hearts hold no forgiveness.

InOurApproachToHeavenHowDoWeCare https://youtu.be/PuzXIdfRoT4
Philippians 2:4, 1st Corinthians 10:24, 1st Timothy 5:8. How do we keep our composure when truth is stolen? True hearts care not only for self but for those in our lives we have great concern for. Compassion is the call of heaven. To abandon helping where we can leaves only emptiness abandoning Godís own call. Light does not shine where there is only darkness.

ToDoOrNotToDo https://youtu.be/exDwRTv_juM
James 1:22. Many works are done under the sun, and the moon. By our efforts, be they good or bad, judgment will come with the brilliance of truth. To take care and notice traits of personal character, and choosing paths to benefit self as well as others, rather than stealing from the collective calm by stirring up cesspools of all kinds of evils, by this light or darkness, souls will be revealed. Each of us must take stock in what we have done to reach out for the betterment of all, over the selfish actions that destroy the spirit.

JudgmentComesByWorksDone https://youtu.be/-3rrXHIRpoY
Galatians 6:3-8. Fools heartlessly exalt themselves over others. To think so highly of self blinds one to see the forest. Lies take over for truth. Two roads appear, one of corruption, and the other leading to eternal life. The call is to more so help the builders, and not those who would deny unity and wish to tear down. God will render appropriate dues rewarding the noble who genuinely love with generous hearts, and condemnation to all the lusting deceitful who selfishly and hypocritically divide authenticity.

DitchDiggers https://youtu.be/KU8wxm2cozQ
1st Timothy 6:3-6, Luke 6:39. There are those who claim to be good while not abiding in the doctrine of godliness defined in His Holy Word. They often conceal arrogant hearts despising correction with short fuses in hearing. Little truth percolates through them with dishonest scheming agendas; such is haughty hearts. Their fruit comes by being so self-absorbed in desperation that the strings they play lack any sincere wisdom. Charlatan manipulators of corruption, they employ dishonesty to gain advantage. Can the lying delusional or con-artist fool one? Yes, if one is gullible and not cautious. Businesses and governments of man, for the most part, are built on the lies of the greedy. And so it is individual awareness that commands attention, and it is called out for in the fortitude of a people, to not be led astray. Apathy and ignorance leads to avoidance where truth becomes buried in the lies. Truthís call is a call to remove oneself from all that is ingenuine and stand for those things which are greater in life. Godliness with contentment makes for a mature soul. Certainly, truth can be elusive in the face of crafty liars.

RemindThemOfTheseThings https://youtu.be/4oRSHDdvWpg
2nd Timothy 2:14-17. God wants us to know the difference between good and bad. It can be the shelter between peace and destruction. So clear how He views gossip and back-stabbing, that causes divisions, as profane acts. God declares the moment will come where we will present who we are in the face of His light. It will be a still moment of reconning that cannot be avoided. Pursuing truth over a spirit of deception is where approval in His sight will occur or not. Spiritual cancer comes by the lies that lead to death. The call is to be diligent workers and not lonesome thieves.

MayEvilBeAshamed https://youtu.be/7fBurmzeIsY
Ephesians 5:9-11, 1st Peter 2:15-16, 1st Peter 3:16. God has made it extremely clear what is acceptable in His sight, though we all be sinners. Sacrifice and love never condemns those we can know and hope for. To be upright in spirit and soul, not hiding in the evils described by His word, stands in the light. To be honest above all, and pursue righteous qualities in truth; to reject what is obviously shown as wicked, and to carry a clean conscience, this is the sanctuary where life flourishes. God wills life to live, and in the comfort of believing. Many will not choose decency and linger in false accusations, but in continuing to do good works, the shameful will eventually be put to rest. It is the will of God that the ignorantly foolish and hardened judgmental hearts find no platform to stand upon. In Christ all will be revealed.

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