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Solar System Facts

CHANDRA X-Ray Observatory

Galaxy 3-D Interactive Viewing

ESA Rosetta 3-D Interactive Viewing

Solar System 3-D Interactive Viewing

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Neutron Stars Explained

Black Holes Explained

What Is Light?

The Big Bang

Free Math Help

Mathematic Cartoons

Math Lessons for Kids

The Mathematical Atlas

The Science Page: Constants

National Instute of Standards & Tech.

Bright Idea: The First Lasers

How Stuff Works: Lasers Lasers

CERN         Fermilab

The Electricity Forum

Electricity (Concepts) Theme Page

Common Sense Science

Spin Wave Technology

Understanding Science

Quantum Physics Overview

String Theory for Dummies

String Theory Explained: YouTube

Superstring Theory Revolution

Los Alamos National Laboratory: Energy

Princeton Plasma Physics: Fusion

What is Nuclear Fusion?

U.S. Department of Energy

ITER Fusion Energy

Energy for Kids

Kid's Discover Map

The National Academies Online Courses

American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science

The Library of Congress: Science Reference Services

A Research Guide for Students

Solar Electric Light Fund
History of Science

History of Science Links

Tycho, Kepler, and Galileo

Events In Science, Math, & Tech

List of numbers from Wikipedia

Electricity from Wikipedia

Atmospheric Electricity

Timeline of Electronics


Lawrence Hall of Science

New York Hall of Science

NOVA Online: Light

Energy Kid's Page

Timelines for Kids

Science Buddies

Science Kids

Solar Kids Atoms Matter/Atoms

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements Science for Kids Science

Amusement Park Physics

Interactive Simulations

Great websites for Kids! - Field Trips - Backyard Astronomy - 50 Easy Experiments - 10 best-science-apps-for-kids

100 Best Apps For College Students (FREE)

Safely Observe Wildlife from your Home - Build / Make an Invention

10 Inventions Dreamt up by Children

Pre-K-12 Geometry Lesson Plans - SciShow Kids

National Geographic

Union of Concerned Scientists

Brian Greene Columbia University

Neil Tyson: Hayden Planetarium

Bill Nye: The Science Guy

Famous Scientists

Negative Infinite Reference Revolution

World's Roundest Object!        Quantum Computers Explained

→ Modern History of Electricity, etc. ←

We are all astronomers for we gaze upon the motions of light in time forever connected in space. Celestial is the nature of living even if gone unnoticed, the quantum of it all from bottom to top. When we live to help one another we fathom what could be greater in ourselves, and for our children. To ponder upon those things above and below gives us a glimpse of what we are to eventually become. Surely, to free us from the static Cartesian Coordinate System of continual interfacing dimensions with imaginary origins… this is to convoluted for the sense of clarity we must have for true applications to develop. It is not about facetious nothing, it is about instantaneous everything. In and out, top and bottom, start to finish, old from new, two dimensions all with relative interchangeable positions, will be the next revolution in conceptual science. Simplicity of truth exposes reality, not fantasies of what could be.


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   The Weather Channel

I worked at Solar Station in the 1980’s as a young man installing solar panels, before tax credits were cancelled by President Reagan
  and the industry dried up. Today, eager young minds hoping for a better way, right here in El Paso County, send in a suggestion from:  
Mrs. V’s after school class!   - Going Green with Solar Panels in the Home

   Science Experiments at Home - thank you Tony!  

James, a student after my own heart -
Guide to Backyard Astronomy

Alex! - How do car engines work

Thanks for Elliot's outstanding suggestion!
Chemical Experiment Links

Thanks for Maddie's excitement in knowing!
Facts About Aluminum. References to Simple Machines

Electrical Engineering for Kids!
May we be remembered as a people embracing truth over delusions.

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