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Prep for CompTIA Exam (ITIL)

CompTia Performance Based Questions

Renew CompTIA Certification

CompTIA Network+ Objectives

CompTIA Security+ Objectives


Free IT Books

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O'Reilly Free Online Books Network+ Book


IT-Info Books

Cloud: Iaas-vs-Paas-vs-Saas

15 Phishing Email Scams; ClickBait

CIA Hacked!     Cyber-Crime-Statistics

Exposed to Hackers!

Stealth Hacking Shoes

Apple/Amazon Security Flaws

Cybersecurity Incidents 2016

10 Biggest Hacks 2016

Fastest Intenet in USA


Military Help

Armed Forces Communications
and Electronics Association (AFCEA)

Onward to Opportunities

Internet Crime Complaint (FBI)

   More gadgets are becoming interconnected   
  Useful Images 
   We live in an Information Age   

   Automation may introduce vunerabilities   
   Do not overlap signal channels   
   OSI Model Infastructure   

   All is subject to examination   
   Signal positioning for maximum reception   
   OSI Model Stacks   

   Challenges of protecting Networks   
   Hidden is most of what is   
   Be prepared for disaster   

   T-568B, T-568A Standard   
   Safety concerns plague these   
    troubleshooting nightmares  
   Sin curses all ages and nations   

   Cisco Product Icons   
   Lan Wiring   
   OSI Media   

   Network Topologies   
   Topologies - Stunning Free Images

Free BackGround Images

Resources     Study CCNA     Cheat-Sheets

Cloud Service Models

Network Address Translation (NAT)

Virtualization Tutorials - Prof. Messer Video

Site Survey Guidelines

Evidence Collection

Cyber Threat Map (real time)

Information Security Training -

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Open Web Application Security (OWASP)

Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)

Colorado Springs Cyber Security Meetup Group

A History of 802.11 Security    802.11ah

TCP/IP Guide       VLANS

IoT NFC - Prof. Messer IoT Video

Cloud Disaster Recovery

50 Killer Resources

YouTube - Videos

Network+ Intro

Professor Messer Videos

Professor Messer Network+   Security+

Eli the Computer Guy    Sunny Classroom

CompTIA Network+ PowerCert Video Course

PowerCert RAID Video - DDoS Attack

Supervisory Control and
Data Acquisition (SCADA) Intro

SCADA Vulnerabilities

Power Grid at Risk

CyberSecurity 101

Quality of Service (QoS) Intro

Browse the internet anonymously (Tor)


IT Crowd Episodes

CYBERWAR Season 1 - Season 2

Outlaw Tech (Science Channel)

The Deep Dark Web Documentary

Deep Web Documentary

10 Most Dangerous Hackers In History

Thieves stealing a vehicle without the key

Cars Hacked Scene
The Fate of the Furious

Hackers Kill a Jeep

K Fence Barrier

Fireball Extinguisher   Inside FB

Never Trust a Photo Copier!

If Google were a guy ~IDIOTS
College humor Rated "R"

Lawnmower Man Access Denied

Lawnmower Man Back Door

Certificate Chaining Engine

I'm a security MONITOR

Rubber Ducky video

A Bugs Life HALT!

Hunted on CBS


OSI Model Ports IEEE IPv4


Password Checker

Secure Passwords     Password Generator

HowSecureIsMyPassword     100 Worst

Rainbow Tables     Password Hash

Password Hash Cracker


SANS Security Templates

Subnet Calculator     Sandboxie

Linksys Wireless Emulators FreeTools

Network Monitoring Tools - Stanford

Network Troubleshooting, 10 Basics

32 Secret Combinations on Your Keyboard - Firewall Test, Web Tools
and Free Internet Security Audit

WIFI Monitor - Windows Gadget

WIFI signal GIF animation

Open WIFI Spots - Whois Lookup

Network Tools     Essential Net Tools

What is MyIP?     Download Speed Demo     AT&T SpeedTest

Unicode character table

Windows COMMAND Line PDF

UC Berkeley Software Central     Host Files

Anti Malware


Digital Footprint Search


Tor Browser

Brave Browser     TunnelBear Browser

DuckDuckGo     Mobile Apps in Browser

Compromised in a data breach?

Install Windows Common Free Programs

Learning Help     w3schools

Computer Science For Fun     30bird Media

Computer Technology Documentation Project (Definitions) - Protocols

BABEL: Computer Oriented Acronyms

Computer Science Web Departments

50 Interview Questions

Top 10 Interview Puzzles                   
HTML Webpage Help



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