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  ● Salida church of Christ
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  ● Pikes Peak church of Christ
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Violence is not the way of God. All who embrace hate and vengeance heed not His call.
False Religion
True Religion.

Can we love as brothers in Christ?
The Bible asks and tells us to join together:

Is the church of Christ a cult?

Attacking individuals misses the organization God calls
out for, to simply be in Christ over obsessions with man.
There are those subject to multiple divisions, confusion,
accusation, bitter disputes, criticisms over understanding.
Citizens of life, children of God, where is our love of God?
Can we bury our anger and animosities? Hate and jealousy
is not what Jesus came to inspire but a call to be united in Him.
Simple truth: Jesus Christ.

New School Prayer
Words terrify the meek yet puzzle the curious.

Language can be misplaced in a heart filled with despair.
A thought from George Carlin (1937-2008)
An American comedian - Mortality Rate / DVD
Consensus is that God, politics, and sex are not to be spoken of.
Are these not of the greatest relationships in life?
Without honesty in the light, truth hides.
Hardened hearts remain cold.

The Way of God
is for Individuals
to Search Him Out.

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